General Transfer Information

Current Students

Students should submit the Transfer Verification Request (e-form) prior to enrolling in any course at another institution.  To determine the transferability of a specific course, please check our Transfer Equivalency Guide.

For information on how courses transfer into the University Core Curriculum, see University Core Curriculum (2012-01).

Current students who have questions about how credits transfer to Seattle University should contact their Student Academic Specialist in the Office of the Registrar. Student Academic Specialists are assigned to students based on the student’s last name. Refer to the Staff contact page on the Office of the Registrar website to determine your Academic Specialist. 

Dual Enrollment

Matriculated undergraduate and graduate students at Seattle University who plan to attend another institution during a quarter when they are also enrolled at Seattle University are required to obtain the written approval of their academic advisor and their dean in advance of registration at the second institution following the policy governing Dual Enrollment at Two Institutions (75-6).  Students must also submit the Transfer Verification Request (e-form) prior to enrolling in any course at another institution.

When transferring courses to Seattle University, only course content and credit are accepted in transfer. The associated grades do not become a part of the Seattle University record.  When “content” only is granted, a transfer course can be used to satisfy the Seattle University requirement, but the credit earned for the transfer course does not count towards your total number of degree credits at Seattle University. 

The maximum number of transfer credits acceptable for any undergraduate student entering Seattle University is 135, comprising 90 lower division (this includes AP/IB/CLEP/DANTES and military coursework) and 45 upper division credits.

Semester credit is translated into quarter credit by multiplying the amount of semester credit by 1.5.

  • 1 semester credit = 1.5 quarter credits
  • 2 semester credits = 3 quarter credits
  • 3 semester credits = 4.5 quarter credits*
  • 4 semester credits = 6 quarter credits
  • 5 semester credits = 7.5 quarter credits

*Most 5-credit courses at Seattle University can be satisfied by an equivalent transfer course that is equivalent to at least 4 quarter credits.

Units are transferred based on the institution credit/unit policy from which the courses are transferred and vary by institution.

Transfer credit is evaluated when you are admitted to Seattle University.

Students seeking admission to Seattle University should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for assistance with questions about how their credits may transfer to Seattle University.

College/School Specific Transfer Policies