Advising Resources

SU Online Menu Options

My Advisees: Displays advisee name, e-mail address, gpa and credits, transcript, program evaluation,class schedule, restrictions, and other academic information.

From the My Advisees screen enter:

  • Student name or ID# (If you enter just one student, the advisee who matches your selection criteria will be displayed).
  • Advisor name (If you enter the adviser name only, all of that advisor’s current advisees will be displayed).
  • Both student and advisor names


  • If a student’s name displays as a link this means the student has granted academic records access to a third party; a parent, for example. Click on the student’s name in order to display the access names and passwords. The third party must provide access name, relationship to the student, and password before you share any information with them about the student.
  • If “Privacy requested” appears in the FERPA Privacy column this student has requested complete anonymity. The student must come to the Office of the Registrar in person and present picture ID to verify their identity before anyone can discuss or give them access to their academic records.

You may select an option from the drop-down list in the “Action” column to access more information about that student.

Class Roster: View class rosters, including student name, email, and program. Allows Advisor to directly submit a "Student Performance Evaluation" to the Bellarmine Advising Center, access student e-mail addresses, and directly e-mail class roster information to the Office of the Registrar.

Grading: Enter final course grades for your courses.

Search For Classes: Select and display classes, by term, using:

  • School, department, subject, academic level or course level
  • Keywords, instructor's name, or day of the week

My Class Schedule: Display your teaching schedule, by term.

Course Description Editor: Add extended course description for Core and special Topics courses.  Information entered here will be available to students through SU online (under "Search for classes" and "Register/Add classes")

Emailing Students

To e-mail an individual advisee:

  1. Access SU Online
  2. Select Access Faculty Menu
  3. Select My Advisees under Faculty Information
  4. Select the SU e-mail address, located in the fourth column. This will automatically open an e-mail message addressed to the student.

To e-mail all of the students in a particular course:

SU Online – Only available to faculty assigned as an instructor for the class

  1. Access SU Online
  2. Select Access Faculty Menu
  3. Select Class Roster under Faculty Information
  4. Select the appropriate term for the class you want to e-mail
  5. Press the Submit button
  6. You will likely receive a list of multiple classes, select either the Choose One checkbox or the Include Cross-Listed
  7. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Select the Email all students on the roster link at the top of the page to populate the class roster alias into an Outlook message.

Canvas- available only to faculty assigned as an instructor and the students in the selected class