Immerse Yourself Academically

Achieve Your Highest Potential

You know the Seattle University mission, educating leaders for a just and humane world. It's your time to live out that mission, with open an mind and open heart, ready to discover your path in life, and to be prepared to succeed in every aspect. Upholding the Jesuit value of academic excellence, you will be challenged to understand the ethical dimensions of personal and professional life, and to examine your own values, attitudes, and beliefs.


  • Enhance your competence, character, and community
  • Learn about the world through exploration
  • Partner proactively with learning support programs
  • Finish your degree

Expand Your Knowledge

Strategies for Success

Take what you have learned in the classroom into the real world and turn it into an experience. Participating in lab work, practicum, service-learning, and research will develop the skills that you'll use in your future career, informed by the lessons from your coursework. Work with a mentor to find opportunities in the field by connecting with Career Services and Alumni Engagement.

What Works for You?

Strategies for excelling academically vary depending on your learning style, coursework, and outside responsibilities. Some of these examples might not be the #1 best way for you to get ahead but are a solid grounding for establishing productive habits.

  • Don't guess what your professor wants. Meet during office hours to find out more.
  • Vary your study space to keep you alert and interested.
  • Manage your time effectively by tracking how long you typically spend on assignments. Be sure to give yourself regular breaks and rewards for progress!
  • Schedule time to focus on your schoolwork like you would for a job and commit.
  • Schedule time to learn the material through review and discussion with classmates to reinforce the information and ensure your understanding.

Career Services

Learn about your own professional formation, choose your major, find internships, conduct a successful job search, apply to graduate school, and prepare for your first professional job. Career Services is passionate about helping you find work that is meaningful to you and that will allow you to contribute your talents, skills, and experience to make a difference in the world.

Education Abroad

Study abroad offers students the opportunity to live and learn in another country, experience a new culture, and gain independence. Additional outcomes may include development of cross-cultural competency, an increase in language proficiency, intellectual and major-specific knowledge, deepened self-reflection and self-understanding, and expanded career potential.

Leverage Lemieux

Utilize the Learning Commons Partnership

Learning Commons Partnership provides services to enhance your research and writing skills, utilize media production resources, and learn in community with peer tutors and facilitators, specializing in a variety of subjects.  It's never too early to get support in your academic and co-curricular endeavors.

The Payoff

73% of 2016 undergraduates were employed full-time within six months of graduation and 17% went on to pursue graduate school.