Explore Values and Purpose

Letting Your Life Speak

The transition to college and the next several years are going to be a significant change in your life! Are you trying to decide your major? Are you looking to find your place in this community? Take this time to explore how the college, Seattle and Jesuit characteristics of Seattle University influence your established values, and add passion to your interests.


  • Identify what excites you
  • Explore what faith means to you
  • Practice intentional reflection
  • Cultivate relationships with your peers and community
  • Discover a stronger sense of self and place
Hours Dedicated to Service

Three out of four Seattle University undergraduate students engage in community service, 3x the national average! Students, faculty, and staff contribute 200,000 hours of service annually, finding community partners and neighborhoods that benefit from their talents.

Organizations Form Your Experience

Your Redhawk Experience should be sculpted in the way that you want. What do you see defining your journey at SU? Search your interests in ConnectSU to find student clubs and service opportunities to stamp your own meaning on your time here.

locations for peaceful reflection

Take a stroll through an edible garden, set up a hammock by the fountain in the Quad, and view the light display in the Chapel of St. Ignatius as you find spaces that speak to you, calm your thoughts, and allow you to find joy in your surroundings.

Be Attentive, Be Reflective, Be Purposeful

Exploring and Asking Questions

Take a second, step back, and think: what gives you joy and where does that joy come from?  Spend your time discovering what unobjectively makes you happy. Your enthusiasm about your passions frequently revolves around what you are most comfortable and naturally good at. Being attentive will help you understand if you are truly being challenged and to encourage continual growth. If you're not yet sure how your abilities contribute to a more just world, that's ok! Finding meaning and purpose is a trial and error process and may exceed your time at Seattle University. Remember that we're here to help you explore your many talents.

Getting Started

  • Attend the Involvement fair and sign up for an activity, club, or experience that interests you
  • Go on a retreat such as New Student Retreat or SEARCH
  • Volunteer related to an issue you care about
  • Participate in SU’s Mission Day
  • Make a habit or reflecting regularly
  • Learn about the life of St. Ignatius

Giving Back

Dr. Nathan Canney's service learning project in partnership with King Street Co-op Preschool and the students in his Residential Design Class build a new play shed for children in downtown Seattle. This is just one of many projects provide opportunities for students to leverage their skills and give back to the community.


How can you become involved in a community of mentors? Why does (or doesn't) spirituality play a significant role in your life? How are you exploring your interests and identities through campus organizations or community service?

Questions to Reflect On