Develop Valuable Skills

Practicing the Tools for Success

Strengthening the skills you need to be successful in your professional, community, and personal life is an important part of your growth.  In addition to being prepared for your profession, employers look for critical thinking, teamwork, perseverance, and ethical decision-making.  Your classes, out of the classroom activities, and off campus experiences will help you develop these desirable skills.


  • Understand where you are in your skill development and set goals for growth
  • Choose opportunities and experiences to learn and develop
  • Develop habits of reflection and feedback to create an ongoing process for development
  • Build your portfolio of experiences with intention, year by year to achieve your goals

Refine the Essentials

Focus on the skills that will help you to be a more efficient learner and a more impressive student, allowing you to excel in the academic side of university life.

Social Skills

Academic Skills

Explore Majors and Careers

Choosing a major can feel like a big decision. The good news is that this decision can be made easier if you take the time to explore how your "personal profile" (your personality, skills, interests, and values) fits with different major choices. Additionally, looking into academic courses and career ideas can help you clarify even more. The major you choose may or may not directly impact your career decision, but the experiences you gain through extracurricular activities and internships will also help guide you in choosing your first or future professional position.

Interview Like a Pro

This is the time to practice, get feedback, and improve how you present yourself to potential employers. According to a recent Pew Research study, job preparation and social skills are among the most sought after qualities of applicants.

Did You Know?

Those who are engaged at work are 4.6 times more likely to feel a sense of well-being post-graduation.

Factors in college that lead to being engaged at work and contribute to developing the real skills employers are looking for:

  • Having a mentor
  • Completing an internship
  • Being involved in extra-curricular activities

Source: 2016 Job Outlook Survey by the National Association of College and Employers (NACE)

Skills Employers Want

Are you dedicating more time learning about the interests that are most important to you?

Questions to Reflect On