Demonstrate Leadership

Acting On Values For A Purpose

SU’s mission seeks to develop leaders who serve the greater good. This doesn’t happen in just one way. There are as many paths to leadership as there are students. It may mean choosing a career path that allows you to serve others; volunteering for a cause that’s important to you; applying principles of justice and ethical decision-making in your personal life; and on and on. Each person finds their own way to fulfill their leadership purpose.


  • Develop competencies associated with effective leadership
  • Deepen your understanding of your talents and passions
  • Grow from exercising leadership on and off campus
  • Find your own personal leadership path

Make Your Mark

Leadership can take on all sorts of forms, both formal and informal, helping you think creatively, connect with your community, and take a breather from studying. This could even be in the form of personal trainers, DJs, student government, or club officers to name a few.

students served in campus leadership roles in 2016-17

While this statistic counts formal leadership roles like serving as a club officer or within student government, leadership can also be more informal like mentoring a new student or serving the community.

Finding Your Leadership Path

SU students lead in many ways.  To find your particular path, note where your skills and purpose converge. Look for ways to learn more about who you are; your talents; what brings you true joy and excitement.  Where are these skills and passion needed in the world?  By learning more about yourself and exploring opportunities to learn more about the world around you, you’ll begin to find your own leadership purpose and in turn, affect change for your family, community, and society.


  • Hold a leadership role on or off campus
  • Mentor another SU student
  • Complete the MyPlan or similar strengths assessment with Career Services
  • Reflect with a mentor on what you’ve learned about yourself through leadership and activities
  • Seek feedback on a project and your contributions

Jesuit education incorporates reflection. What kind of value do your skills and passion add to those around you?

Questions to Reflect On