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Student Financial Services Forms

  • Following is a list of forms and documents that the Student Financial Services Office makes available to students and other interested parties.  Clicking on any link in the list takes users to a brief description of the form or document and a link where it can be downloaded and printed.  Many of the forms here will need to be completed and returned to the Student Financial Services Office while others are simply informational documents.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  Because Student Financial Services is often working with students in two different academic years ... the current year for some students, the upcoming academic year for others, and, for others, both years ... it is important to ensure, when a year is included in the form's title, that the correct version of the form is selected.  

    2015-16 Verification Worksheet for Dependent Students

    Students selected for verification, either by the Federal Department of Education or Seattle University, are required to complete a verification worksheet.  The Dependent Student Verification Worksheet is for students who were required to provide parent information on their FAFSAs. Do not complete this form unless specifically requested to do so by the Student Financial Services Office. If this form is required, the student will be notified by Student Financial Services.
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    2015-16 Verification Worksheet for Independent Students

    Students selected for verification, either by the Federal Department of Education or Seattle University, are required to complete a verification worksheet.  The Independent Student Verification Worksheet is for students who were not required to provide parent information on their FAFSAs. Do not complete this form unless specifically requested to do so by the Student Financial Services Office. If this form is required, the Student Financial Services will notify the student.
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    2015-16 Estimated Out-of-Pocket Costs Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to calculate the out-of-pocket direct costs (those billed to the student's account) associated with attendance at Seattle University for the 2015-16 academic year.
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    2015-16 Catholic School Teacher and Principal Tuition Grant

    This grant is for full-time religious lay teachers and principals of Catholic schools under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Seattle who are matriculated in an eligible graduate degree program in the College of Education at Seattle University.
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    Conditions of Award - Info Only

    This form is available here for informational purposes only. Each year all students receiving any type of financial aid ... whether based on need or not ... are required to log on to SUOnline at to read and agree to the conditions of their financial aid award and responsibilities for receiving it. 

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    Direct Deposit of Financial Aid Refund

    A student expecting a refund after tuition, fees and any other student account charges have been paid, may request that it be directly deposited to his or her personal checking account. For funds to be transferred to a student's checking account on the first day of classes each quarter:

    • Financial aid needs to be finalized 30 days prior to the start of the quarter and
    • This form needs to be completed and submitted to the Student Financial Services Office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the start of the quarter.

    For students who work on-campus, please note that there is a separate process and form for setting up direct deposit of payroll checks. That form can be found directly below this one.
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    Direct Deposit of Payroll Check

    To authorize direct deposit of their earnings, students who work on campus should complete this form and return it to the Payroll Office by the 3rd of the month for which they want direct deposit to take place.

    Please note that there is a separate process and form for setting up direct deposit of financial aid credit balances. That form can be found immediately above this one.
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    I-9 Form

    On or before their first day of work, students who work at Seattle University must come to the Student Financial Services Office to complete this form with an SFS staff member.  Paychecks will not be issued until this form has been completed.
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    ON CAMPUS Job Posting Request

    The information provided on this form is used to request review and approval of the position and the pay rate.  Once approved, the information is also used to advertise the position in SU's student employment database, The Redhawk Network. The completed form should be submitted to the Student Financial Services Office via campus mail (USVC 105) or scanned and emailed to Student Financial Services at  
    Download Form  

    ON CAMPUS Student Employment Action Form (SEAF)

    This form must be completed and returned to Student Financial Services when a student is hired into an on-campus position.  The student must also complete a Form I-9 and a Form W-4 within three days of hire.
    Download Form  

    Payment Plans A, B & C Info and Application

    For more efficient payment plan processing, the student can apply for a payment plan at:  

    Students who are unable to apply online may use this form to apply for Payment Plans A, B or C. Plan A is the most efficient and cost-effective plan if a payment plan will be needed for two or three consequtive quarters for the academic year: fall, winter and spring, fall and winter or winter and spring. If a payment plan is only needed for one quarter, students should use either Plan B or Plan C. More information about the plans is included on the application form.
    Download Form  

    Payment Plan E Info & Application

    This is a quarterly plan for students who will be reimbursed by their employer for some or all of their tuition costs after they complete their coursework.  The plan allows students to defer full or partial payment of tuition and fees based on documented assurance from the student's employer that a specific amount will be paid to the student who will immediately make payment to the University. This plan extends the payment due date for tuition and associated fees to 30 calendar days after grades are officially posted.  The plan must be renewed each quarter the student would like to participate.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that payment is made by the assigned due date even if reimbursement from the employer is delayed or withheld.
    Download Form

    Private Educational Loan Policy

    Seattle University will certify private educational loans for SU students from any lender selected by the student, except where the lender asks the Student Financial Services Office to perform in a manner inconsistent with law. Student Financial Services assists students looking for private loans by having a lender list.
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    Request for On Campus Work Study

    Research indicates that off-campus employment, including internships, improves student marketability after graduation.  Generally, Student Financial Services awards Off-Campus Washington State Work Study funds to eligible juniors and seniors who are permanent residents of Washington State.  To request a Federal On-campus Work Study award for a junior or senior, BOTH the student AND the supervisor must complete their portions of this form. 
    Download Form

    Stafford Direct Loan Annual & Aggregate Maximums

    This chart shows the Stafford Direct Loan annual limits by class level and the aggregate lifetime limits by type of student.
    Download Form

    Supervisor's Guide to On-campus Student Employment

    This guide is a one-stop resource for faculty and staff on the policies of student employment at Seattle University
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    SWS Job Posting Request

    As a service to Seattle University's Washington State Work Study Employers, Seattle University provides free advertising for approved positions. Receiving this form lets us know that the employer wants us to post their job and the information requested allows the Office of Student Financial Services to advertise the position according to the employer's specifications. An employer's advertisement remains active until Student Financial Services receives notification that the position has been filled. To close or activate an advertisement, call Student Employment Coordinator Alea Frankwick at (206) 296-6086.
    Download Form

    SWS OFF CAMPUS Student Employment Status Form

    Students working in off-campus State Work-Study positions are required to submit this form to Student Financial Services to confirm the details of their employment.
    Download Form

    SWS Timesheet

    This is the time sheet used to report the hours worked each pay period by a student who has an off-campus State Work-Study award who is working in an approved State Work Study position.
    Download Form

    TEACH Grant Entrance Interview Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet presents TEACH Grant information to help interested, eligible students understand the program's requirements.
    Download Form

    W4 Form

    Students who work at Seattle University must complete and submit this form on or before their first day of work.  Paychecks will not be issued until the correctly completed form is submitted to the Student Financial Services Office.
    Download Form 

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    • STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES IS NOW CASHLESS! In an effort to increase student and staff security, Student Financial Services (SFS) does not accept cash payments.  You may pay your invoice by (1) mailing a check payment to SFS, (2) paying by check or debit card at the SFS office during normal business hours or (3) making a web payment through SUOnline using Visa, MasterCard or an electronic check. There is a 2.5% service fee when paying by credit card.
    • PARENT INFORMATION: Our FAQ's are for parents, too! Answers to all your questions about financial aid and student billing and payment, including some you may not have known you had! Includes important tips like how your student can authorize your on-line access to their information and also how they can give us permission to talk with you about that information, when tuition is due and options for making payment, how to apply for a federal Parent PLUS Loan, how to request a waiver of the student health insurance premium and much, much more.
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