Project Positive

Project Positive is a signature UREC event that takes place the last week of February each year. This campaign, now in it’s 7th year, focuses on body positivity, celebrating the beauty of our own individuality and a general sense of self-care. Due to COVID restrictions, this years project is demonstrated primarily virtually.

This year's theme is Cultivate Connection: focused on helping our community recognize and manifest the things that make them feel connected-be it to oneself, the community, nature and passions. We hope to inspire you to identify the people, places and things that make you feel the most like yourself. In a year that has challenged our ability to easily connect to the things we love, we encourage everyone to spend time Cultivating Connection.

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Thank you for Cultivating Connection with us this week!

Below is a collection of photographs that demonstrate the unique People, Places & Things that makes each student feel connected.


Joesph, '22

"One thing that my friends and I do to stay connected is to make music remotely.  One of us will send the other a track, and then another person will layer onto that and so on.  It helps us all stay busy while continuing to practice our music."                                                                                          .   


Ari, '22

"I feel connected to crafting and sewing"  


Taylor, '22

"When the pandemic began, I felt the need to fill up my day with as many distractions as I could. Be it through podcasts, music, FaceTime calls, or movies I found that I was trying to tune in to anything that made this period of separation feel more normal. However, as the pandemic has progressed, I’ve found that quiet activities such as running, reading, meditating, and journaling have actually been the best way for me to connect with myself. At the same time, I’ve come to understand that I still rely heavily on connecting with others, and I try to do so through Zoom calls or socially distant walks. "


Victoria, '21

"My favorite place in the world, it’s called “Praia Vermelha” or “Red Beach” in Brazil and I spent my childhood going there"


Sydney, '21

"Staying connected with myself has been the most important skill I’ve learned over the past year. I was living by myself for the first 10 weeks of quarantine which required rapid personal growth and self-love. I began practicing daily yoga, meditation, and journaling which greatly improved the connection and love for myself. While the self-discipline of daily practice can be difficult (and waivers), I know growth I’ve experienced since last March wouldn’t have been possible without internal strength and motivation."


Maia' '22

"[Being] Amongst trees, in the natural world [makes me feel connected]"



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Project Positive Downloadable Files

Project Positive Downloadable Files