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University Recreation


Stay in the Know

  • Join the listserve by contacting to get an email every Monday with the week's events and upcoming opportunities!
  • Check out our Activity Calendar for an up-to-date listing of the quarter's trips and events.

Trip Registration

  1. Reserve your spot before midnight the Tuesday before the trip unless otherwise noted or earlier as trips often fill up quickly. 
  2. Register online using the link in the weekly email or via the OAR Activity Calendar.  
  3. You'll receive a confirmation email with further trip details.


    1.    Can I register for trips through email?
        NO. You must register online, or if you need additional assistance, in person at the OAR office.
    2.    When is the last day I can sign up for a trip?
      • This will depend on the day the trip  is scheduled to depart.  Typically you must register by the Wednesday before. If the trip takes place during a weekday you must sign up the Monday before the trip departs. 
    1.  What can I do if the trip I want to go on is full?
      • Register online and you will be put on the waitlist. You do not have to pay unless someone drops and you get added to the trip. 
  1. If I am on the waitlist, how and when do I know if I have made it on the trip?
    • If a trip is full you will be notified during online registration that you are signing up for the wait list. Once waitlisted you will receive an email confirming that you are on the waitlist and the procedures for making it on to the the trip. If a spot opens, and you are next on the wait list, you will receive another email stating that have you made it on the trip. Respond to that email ASAP to let OAR you are still interested in attending. Following a response, you will receive the trip confirmation email containing all the necessary information for that specific trip. Waitlisters may be notified up until the morning of the trip.

Refund Policy

If the trip is canceled prior to departure a 100% refund will be given. This may include but is not limited to: not making the minimum group size, travel and/or activity logistics, environmental conditions, staffing and other issues inherent to working in the outdoors. A partial refund will be granted if the participant submits a request prior to 72 hours before the scheduled departure date. No refunds will be granted within or after 72 hours of departure. No refunds will be granted based on participant satisfaction or incomplete excursions as trips may be altered as necessitated by the conditions presented at the time.

No Show Policy

If you are unable to attend a trip that you have already registered for you are allowed one no-show without a fee, if you have any further no-shows, a $10 fee will be charged and a hold placed on your student account until payment. However, we encourage all participants to contact OAR and/or trip leaders if/as soon as a conflict arises so that another student may enjoy the open spot.

Participant Expectations

Safety Briefings will also occur during the trip and leaders will outline any additional and/ or specific expectations.

If you have a trip that you would like to see this year please email with your suggestions. 


Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the mountains and the stars up above. Let them look at the beauty of the waters and the trees and flowers on earth. They will then begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.

~ David Polis