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Equipment Rental

  • Reserving Equipment

    OAR has a cache of gear used for trips and provides rental opportunities for SU students, staff and faculty. We do not rent to alumni nor non-affiliates. To reserve equipment, renters must complete and sign the Rental Agreement form and pay the entire rental fee at the time of reservation. A full refund will be issued if a reservation is canceled at least 48 hours in advance of the check out date.

    Click here for gear rental hours.

    Rental Prices

    Item Weekend Fee (2-4 days) Weekly Fee (5-7 days) Expedition Fee (7+ days) Minimum Replacement Costs
    Tent for 1-2pp $5 $10 +$1 per day $200+
    Tent for 3-4pp $8 $16 +$1 per day $300+
    Tent for 6+pp $10 $20 +$1 per day $200+
    Sleeping Bags $5 $10 +$1 per day $150
    Sleeping Pads $3 $6 +$1 per day $50 - 80
    Backpacks $4 $8 +$1 per day $150
    Bear Cans $3 $6 +$1 per day $75
    Camp Chairs $3 $6 +$1 per day $50
    Camp Stoves $5 $10 +$1 per day $80
    Snow Shoes w/Poles $7 $14 +$1 per day $150

    Rent these items for only $1.00 per day!

    • Waterproof Pants and Jackets
    • Dry Bags
    • First Aid Kits
    • Gaiters
    • Head Lamps/Lanterns
    • Mosquito Netting
    • Over Shoes
    • Poop Tube
    • Tarps


    We also have the following gear transportation items:

    Item Weekend Fee (2-4 days) Weekly Fee (5-7 days) Expedition Fee (7+ days) Minimum Replacement Costs
    Roof Rack Bars(for gutter system) $5 $10 +$1 per day $250+
    Ski/Board Attachments $15 $30 +$1 per day $200+
    Cargo Box $30 $60 +$1 per day $600+

     THESE ITEMS MUST BE RESERVED NO LATER THAN 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE to allow for adequate handling time (they are big, bulky, and need more than 1 person to move from storage).

    Returning Equipment

    Due Dates and Late Fees

    All equipment is due on the date specified on the Rental Agreement Form, (typically no later than Tuesday unless otherwise arranged) and must be checked into the OAR office by the posted hours of the due date.

    An immediate fee of $20 will be charged upon late return of any gear. For each additional day the gear is returned late, a $1 per day, per item fee will accrue. (Ex. An item was due Monday but was returned Wednesday. the fee would be $22.00).

    Damage and Replacement Fees

    If any part of OAR equipment is damaged, lost, and/or rendered permanently unusable, the charge is equivalent to the replacement value of the entire item (see rental prices for replacement costs). If a part is broken or lost and can be replaced, the cost of the part will be assigned as a damage fee. Renters will be contacted within a week with the total fee amount. Fee's must be paid within 5 business days or account holds  will be utilized, as per policy, to ensure repayment.

    Cleaning Fee

    People who return excessively dirty or wet equipment will be charged a cleaning fee appropriate to the offense. The cleaning fee will vary, and we retain a maximum charge of $20 per item. Renters are strongly encouraged to clean off and DRY ALL rented equipment items.

    Student Account Holds

    If gear is not returned on the specified return date or damage/cleaning fees go unpaid, the renter will be contacted via email and a financial hold will be placed on their SU student account. This hold will be for the full amount including any cleaning, damage, replacement, and/or late charges the student has accrued up to this point. Renters cannot register for classes until the hold is lifted from their account.

    To Lift Holds: Pay the fee in full to the OAR office. Once paid, the hold will be cleared and taken off your account promptly.