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    *NEW* Small Group Training for Students

    Dates: Six weeks starting the week of 4/13
    Max. 5 participants per group
    1 initial consult, 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks (12 sessions total)

    Working alongside your friends with the help of a personal trainer is the perfect combination for reaching your health and fitness goals. Each group member will receive a free personal initial consult, in addition to 12 sessions with their payment.

    Cardio Training

    Trainer: Ben
    Monday and Thursday, 7-8 PM
    Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

    This small group training program will introduce you to various ways to utilize cardio equipment and techniques. Sessions will include education as well as practical application for both new and experienced exercisers interested in improving cardiovascular fitness.  

    Strength Training Basics

    Trainer: Laura
    Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7 PM
    Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

    This small group training program will teach you the basics (and more!) of resistance training while maximizing your workout to the fullest! We will utilize all types of fitness equipment in order to achieve your specific goal.

    Click here to download the Small Group Training flyer.

     Top 5 reasons to hire a Personal Trainer 

    Effective Workouts – Personal Trainers help maximize your time by providing workouts designed to meet your goals quickly and efficiently.  

    Consistency – Do you find it difficult to stick to your program? Scheduling regular appointments with a Personal Trainer helps eliminate any excuses you might come up with for not exercising.  

    Safety – Unsure about how to perform specific exercises or use certain pieces of equipment in the Fitness Center? A Personal Trainer will show you how to exercise safely (including which exercises to avoid) and instruct you on the proper and safe use of exercise equipment.  

    Individualized Instruction – What works for one person, may not work for another when it comes to choosing an exercise program. A Personal Trainer will develop the most effective program for you based on your personal goals. Beginners in particular benefit from instruction on how to perform specific exercises and program planning.  

    Motivation – Personal Trainers wear many hats, serving not only as coach, but as an educator, confidant and a major source of motivation and encouragement as well.  

    How to Register

    Visit our online scheduling system to create an account, and then purchase your desired Personal Training package. Logged into your account you can schedule sessions with your Personal Trainer up to 24 hours in advance. Please note, all scheduled sessions must be canceled with 24 hours notice or the session will be forfeited.

    Getting Started

    After purchasing your desired Personal Training package, you will decide on which Trainer you prefer or the Assistant Director for Fitness can match you with a Trainer based on your availability and preference. You will then schedule your sessions online during any of your specific Trainers open availability.  

    Your First Session

    Your first session with your Trainer will be an Initial Consultation; this session includes health and exercise history discussion, goal setting, and a thorough understanding of what you’re hoping to get out of your experience.  Dress however you’d like since no exercise will take place. This session will help you feel comfortable, confident and motivated to reach your goals through Personal Training. 

    Free Goal Setting Session

    Each UREC patron receives one complementary, 30 minute, Goal Setting Session with a Personal Trainer. This session is great to help define your goals and make them specific, time-based, and attainable. To schedule this session email, call the Member Services desk at 206-296-6441, or stop by!