Package Pricing



How to pick which package is right for you: 

NEW! Mind-Body Personal Training

Looking to increase your flexibility, reduce stress or expand your Yoga or Pilates practice? We now offer 1:1 and Buddy Mind-Body Personal Training. Enjoy a specialized Yoga or Pilates session that's customized to your specific needs. Check out which trainers offer Mind-Body Personal Training here. To register, visit our online scheduling system and purchase any Personal Training package. 

Buddy Personal Training

Have a friend/colleague with similar fitness goals and availability? UREC is now offering Buddy Personal Training! Make your sessions even more fun by signing up with a buddy who enjoys doing similar activities. Both you and your buddy will purchase the desired package in your own name and sign up with your favorite Trainer online. The first session will require each client to meet individually with the Trainer for 30 min to discuss specific goals; the Trainer will then create a program tailored to you and your buddy’s goals.  

1 Session Package 

Good for those who want to meet with a Trainer to answer specific questions about their current fitness program or for those looking to add to their existing package.

3 Session Package  

Ideal for those who are looking to have a specific workout plan created for them. First session consists of an initial consultation which includes goal setting and a detailed account of health and exercise history. The Trainer will then create a specific program based on the client’s needs. The second and third sessions will include going through the workout.  This package is also great for those who may be unsure about committing to working with a Personal Trainer. Try it out and see what you think! Clients will also enjoy the 10% off discount per session on this package!

5 Session Package  

This package is a great option for those looking to continue or begin a fitness program. Regardless of how long you plan to work with a Trainer, this package is a great place to start for those who want to make exercise a part of their regular routine.  Clients will also enjoy the 15% off discount per session on this package!

10 Session Package  

This package is great for those who are looking to work with a Personal Trainer regularly and commit to achieving their goals!  Clients will also enjoy the 20% off discount per session on this package.