Group Fitness Instructors

Photo of Lucy


Earning a BA in Business Law (2018)
Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Group Ex Instructor

Exercise is the foundation for a happy, healthy life. Lucy's goal as a group fitness instructor is to facilitate community building and personal development. Teaching Cardio Kickboxing is her passion, but you can also find her in Redhawk Fit and Cardio Dance classes most days of the week. She loves how group fitness allows her to work toward personal goals while making friends and building community. She shares this love by encouraging people to try new classes and working to make fitness accessible to everyone. If you see her in a group fitness class, feel free to say hello! Outside of UREC Lucy's favorite things are Frisbee and Economics.

Photo of Tate


Pre-major, Class of 2019
Cardio Dance Instructor
CPR/AED and First Aid certified

The human body is an incredible thing, and keeping it healthy is a passion of Tate's. Tate's been dancing since she was three years old, and if she has learned one thing it would be that balance is a necessity. Diversity and balance are the keys to a healthy mind, body, and soul; and Group Fitness is an awesome way to incorporate them into exercise. Tate feels very lucky to be able to share her passion with others, and she hopes that his class will provide individuals with the perspective that exercise can be a source of joy and motivation.

Photo of Claire


BA Chemistry, Anticipated 2021
YogaFit Level 1, 2018

Claire fell in love with yoga five years ago and received her certification to teach at Seattle U in early 2018. She has a passion for fitness and for living a healthy life inside and out. 

In classes, her goal is to create an environment where people will feel comfortable expanding their personal practice. She welcomes all levels of students to her classes and is grateful to be part of the Group Fitness team. 

Photo of Abby


BABA Accounting, Business Analytics, Anticipated June 2019
American Council on Exercise, Group Fitness Instructor, 2017
Yogafit Level 1 & 2

I am all about leading an active lifestyle, which means bringing a little movement into each and every day in whatever way makes one feel happy. I am a firm believer that exercise is one of the keys to finding contentment in one’s life, and I do my best to weave that moral through the group fitness classes that I teach. I currently teach Redhawk Fit and Yoga Flow, and although these are very different formats energy-wise, they both feel authentic to me and the themes of tailoring one’s workout to their body and finding moments for introspection fit in both contexts. I love to see people working toward their own goals in my classes and seeing their progression from week to week brings me a lot of joy. If you are looking for a way to get active or bring a little more intention to your exercise, I would be happy to see you in my classes!


Photo of Solana


BA Strategic Communications with a Specialization in Global Awareness, Minor Interdisciplinary Arts - Arts Leadership
Vitality Teacher Training Program 460 Hour Certification

Solana received her 460-hour Pilates Certificate from Vitality Pilates in Seattle, Washington. Her teaching experience has exposed her to clients of all body types and ability levels, leaving her of the mindset that Pilates is for every body! Solana was first introduced to Pilates while training in classical ballet. Practicing the Pilates method helped her enhance body awareness and balance overused muscle groups. Solana seeks to create an inclusive space where participants can exercise safely so they can leave standing taller and feeling stronger with an understanding of their own body mechanics. 

Photo of Lindsey C.

Lindsey C.

BSN, anticipated 2020
American Council on Exercise, Group Fitness Instructor, 2017
CPR/AED certified 2017

A little movement/exercise each day goes a long way! Lindsey loves to try and learn different styles of exercise as often as she can. Her goal is to build community and bring fun to each class. It's always a joy seeing people have fun and push themselves towards their personal goals! If you see her around UREC say hi!

Photo of Lindsey Y,.

Lindsey Y,.

B.S. Sports and Exercise Science and Biology Minor, Anticipated 2020
ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification, 2018
CPR/AED and First Aid certified, 2018

As a group fitness instructor, Lindsey’s goal is to encourage and guide others to integrate physical activity in their daily lives. As a Sports and Exercise Science major, Lindsey is inspired by the benefits of physical activity on our mental health, physical health, and overall well-being and hopes to bring awareness to others. She is excited to incorporate her knowledge of physical activity to her Mat Pilates class and aspires others to use physical activity as an outlet.