Equipment Rental

Rent your Sports Gear from UREC

UREC rents a variety of sports equipment to Seattle University departments, student groups and individuals for your use both on and off campus. 

EquipmentCost per Day
Basketball $2.00
Canoe & Paddles $25.00
Cones $.10 per cone
Cornhole Set $10.00
Dodgeballs $.50
Flag Football Belts $.50 per belt
Football $2.00
Frisbee $1.00
Kickball $1.00
Outdoor Volleyball Net $20.00
Pennies $4.00 per bag of 20
Scoreboard $5.00
Soccer Ball $2.00
Soccer Bow Net (3x5) $6.00
Soccer Bow Net (4x8) $9.00
Soccer Bow Net (8x10) $12.00
Soccer PUG Goal $3.00
Soccer PVC 7v7 Goal (16x7) $15.00
Softball $1.00
Softball Bat $2.00
Softball Bases $3.00 
Softball Glove $2.00
Spikeball Set $3.00
Volleyball $2.00

Request Equipment

Request equipment by filling out the form below with at least 7 days prior to your desired pick-up date.