Adult Swim Classes

Learn to Swim and Improve your Swimming Skills 

Enjoy a welcoming environment customized to you at you own pace. Learn freestyle and get comfortable in the water with an Instructor personally selected for your level of experience. 

Adult Swim Classes will be on hold for Spring 2018 due to unforeseen staffing conflicts.

Adult Swim Class Pricing 

1:1 Private Sessions

# of Sessions210 
STUDENT $22 $39 $96 $187
NON-STUDENT $26 $46 $113 $221

2:1 Semi-Private Sessions

# of Sessions210 
STUDENT $16 $29 $70 $136
NON-STUDENT $18 $34 $83 $161

Prices for Semi-Private Sessions are the cost per person. Each individual must purchase the desired package under their own online account.