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Employment Opportunities

Please refer to the Redhawk Network for current Lifeguard employment opportunities. 

In order to Lifeguard‚ students must have current American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification‚ CPR/AED with First Aid, as well as pass a required lifeguard test (see below). You must be, or be becoming, a student of Seattle University. Additionally, lifeguards must be able and willing to work in three areas of responsibility:

  1. Daily operations of the facility
  2. Light maintenance of the facility (daily‚ weekly‚ and special duties)
  3. Swim meet support staff (during all swim meets)
  4. Swim lessons and special events

Required Connolly Center Aquatic Center Lifeguard Employment Test

  • Swim 500 Yards– no stopping
  • Tread Water for 2 minutes
  • Pick up a weighted (10 lbs.) full length mannequin from 12 feet depth and bring to surface
  • Perform Active rescue
  • Perform Passive rescue and victim removal
  • Perform Submerged rescue and victim removal
  • Perform CPR skills
  • Perform Spinal Management (Backboarding in Shallow & Deepwater rescue)