Project Positive

 Project Positive 2/25/19-3/3/19

Project Positive is a signature UREC event that takes place the last week of February each year. This campaign, that just completed the 5th installment, focuses on body positivity, celebrating the beauty of our own individuality and a general sense of self-care. This project is demonstrated through programming, campus and community partnerships as well as an art installation in the Eisiminger Fitness Center where we transform the facility completely. We weave self-love and appreciation as well as positivity into all regular UREC programs and spaces. While this program was created out of a need to spread positive self-talk in our facility, it has grown into more than a body-positive program and encompasses all things personal love and positivity. We focus on connecting all UREC program and operational areas through this weeks' programming. For example, in our Intramural Sports we name a Project Positive Player of the Night. This person is highlighted for their team work and sportspersonship and receives a prize and is featured on our social media.

This past years theme was “Explore Your Strength". We used an arrow to deonte "strength" and a typographic map to deonate "explore".

 General Project Positive Flyer


Program Goals:

  • Inspire positive self-talk and self perception 
  • Increase feelings of self-worth and general happiness 
  • Increase awareness of available support

We executed this project in the following ways:




  • Journal with bookmark, distributed 250
  • Project Positive branded lip balm, distributed 300
  • Project Positive Pins, distributed 100




Stickers & Tattoos

Distributed 450 stickers and 400 temporary tattoos








Photo Project

Positivity Personified

This photo project demonstrates the unique identities of Seattle University students, faculty and staff and highlights what they find strength in. Participants were asked to choose a location on campus that is special to them. They then had their portrait taken by the UREC Student Photographer and asked to share what they find strength in. Our Student Graphic Designers then added graphics overtop. These portraits were hung across campus during Project Positive as well as located on additional media sites (website and social). 20 portraits were taken. Here are a few of our favorites:







Video Projects

We created multiple video projects to support in the achievement of the goals and assist in inspiring positivity throughout campus. All videos were designed and created 100% by the UREC marketing team

Introducing: Project Positive 2019 

Total Views: 498


Project Positive: Facility Decoration

Total views: 584

Project Positive Explore Your Strength

Total Views: 1,336


Project Positive 2019 Recap

Total Views: 533


Social Media

IG: su_rec Facebook: Seattle University Recreation


Overall we had great engagement during the Project Positive Week. Our average reach was 571 while our high reach was 717. Our average impressions was 934 while our highest were 1,445. We averaged 68 likes per post with our highest being 139. This data is based on 900 followers.

  • Facebook Frame


  • Banner at the top of the page was used as our Cover Photos

Around the Facility

Stall Talks

We created Project Positive Stall Talks, that go into each locker room, and gender inclusive restroom stall. These Stall talks share programs, facts and resources for seeking support.


UREC Report: Project Positive 

We transformed our usual monthly newsletter called the UREC Report and sent out a Project Positive version to help campus understand the campaign and provide resources to those who may need them. (Please note we use Smore to send out the e-newsletter and pulling it to a PDF slightly changes the layout). Project Positive 2019 Newsletter

Sent to 7,894 people. Had an open rate of 35%.  


"I Find Strength In_______"

We created a "I Find Strength In _____" wall in our facility and across campus for members to engage with. They would fill out what they find strength in. This has become a staple in our facility that folks would stop and read. We had nearly 400 sheets filled out. 


Facility Transformation







Campus and Community Partners

  • Lemieux Library 
    • The library was one of our strongest partners. collaborating with their entire team, we created a book display in the library that featured books on body image, self-worth and positivity in movement
    • The library also partnered with us on book marks that were given in our journals and in the library
    • Allowed us to table outside of the main entrance 
    • Shared social posts 
    • Created an online resource for students with our content
  • Law School
    • Another strong partner, the Law school collaborated in many ways
    • Hosted a table all week that featured support options and ways to stay positive
    • Allowed us to write positive quotes in all classrooms and in the restrooms 
    • Sent out details in a newsletter
  • Center for Student Involvement 
    • Decorated their office and shared social posts
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
    • Put up a table in their office dedicated to Project Positive and shared our social posts
  • Opal Food & Body (Community Partner)
    • Serve as our resource for support. They attended our event, Positivity In-Person, and provide us with material for those who need additional support 
  • Athletics
    • Put up positive materials provided in their training room. 
    • Had students utilize the tattoos and stickers
    • Displayed ways student athletes felt strong

Experiencing Project Positive