REalize ACHievement for SUccess 

Project Overview

The Redhawks REACH for SUccess Project is a research effort to help Seattle University students REalize ACHievement at Seattle University. This project, led by SU faculty members, investigates how Seattle University students’ academic motives, perceptions, and attitudes relate to academic achievement and success at SU. The results of this study are designed to allow students to identify aspects that will help them be more successful in school, allow teachers to identify ways of improving their teaching and course content, and help administrators determine how to help students stay in school and graduate from SU on time.

Because student perceptions will evolve over time, this project is a longitudinal study in which we are asking students for their insights throughout the entire academic year. The three parts of our 2017-2018 study are being financially supported by the Office of the Provost at Seattle University.

If you have any questions about your participation or the study in general, please contact one of our Research Team, which is led by four SU faculty members: