“For students, PWOB offered a unique opportunity to learn hands-on about hydraulics, plumbing, and the craft of mechanical projects… I felt pride in my work, and in knowing that I was making a difference for a just and humane world.” –John Conway, Belize 2011

My experiences in Zambia allowed me to make meaningful connections with others from the SU community and beyond, to take part in creating something useful with and for another community, and to learn new skills I will use in both my personal and professional life.” –Elizabeth O’Brien, Zambia 2011

Above all… I was filled with a sense of accomplishment and compassion for humanity. These feelings have remained with me, as have the after effects of my sunburn, as I reflect on my time in Belize... I cannot imagine a better use of seven days of my life than to volunteer with PWOB.” –Anneliese Sytsma, Belize 2012

"The best part about the trip was how much time we got to spend with the pequeños! Our work was so much more meaningful because we knew it would help out the awesome kids we met. The community at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos is so welcoming! I would go back in a heartbeat!" –Lindsay Mannion, Nicaragua 2012


Empowering students to serve and lead sustainable service projects that help people in need.