March 21 & 22, 2015: Day 1 & 2 in Belize by Tessa

Posted by Lauren Rochholz on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 3:03 PM PDT


We arrived at the airport in Belize City at approximately 10:30 am Belizean time.  Due to a miscommunication in arrival time our ride had been at the airport since 9:00 am, we were so thankful she waited for us.

Day 1:

After settling in at Breadfruit Garden, we began our first adventure. We decided that we were going to head to Altun Ha, the Mayan archaeological site in Belize City.  On the way to Altun Ha, we ran into a sign advertising the Snake Man. He had all different types of snakes native to Belize, including the Fer De Lance, green viper, and a coral snake. 

Then, we arrived at Altun Ha, which consists of 13 Mayan temples and mounds. This is the site where the famous Jade Head—a priceless Mayan artifact—was found in the temple of the high priest.


The first night we had dinner at a restaurant on the ocean in Belize City. We met Ms. Agatha who operates Liberty Children’s Home and her cousin. The food and company was amazing.
After a very long day we arrived back home around 10:30 pm to find a ginormous spider!


Day 2:


Today we woke up to a homemade breakfast from Virginia. She made an amazing breakfast consisting of refried beans, eggs, fry jacks, pineapple, and stew chicken. 
After breakfast, we packed up our donations and headed to Liberty Children’s Home.  Agatha met us at the home and explained to us what they do and what there current needs are.
Here is a little background on Liberty Children’s Home: They currently have 44 children that they are caring for; there current capacity for children is 42 but the need is too great. The children come from a variety of backgrounds including medical conditions such as cerebral palsy and HIV, abuse, neglect, and sex trafficking.  The home provides them with shelter, food, life skills, and love. They also arrange medical care and opportunities to learn how to work in the real world.
The home has several needs that we hope to help them with:
  • Kitchen update
  • Daycare sponsorship (they currently are providing free care and education to more than 6 children, which they are losing money from)
  • Replace bathroom doors
  • Remove thatching and replace with aluminum
  • Repair pipes to the green house
  • Repair the sump pump that pumps the grey water to other areas in the home
  • A 15-passenger van to transport the children
  • Repairing the cabinets in the girls dormitory


These are just some of the many needs that Liberty Children’s Home has. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website. In addition, we created a fundraising page in case anyone is inspired and would like to donate money to the cause.  The website is on it is called “Liberty Children’s Home Belize”.
While at Liberty, we met a young English lady, Alex who just arrived at the home and will be staying there for another four weeks. We decided that she should go on our second adventure with us to the Belize Zoo.


This is not a typical zoo; it is more of an injured wild life refuge. All of the animals are indigenous to Belize and were either pets that people could not care for, or injured animals that were unable to be released into the wild. While there, several of us were able to have a jaguar encounter where we were locked in a small metal cage inside of the jaguar exhibit, were able to pet him and feed him. We also saw animals such as the tapir, which is Belize’s national animal, along with macaw parrots, howler monkeys, crocodiles, and more.



After the zoo we had a great dinner that was prepared by Virginia. We had baked chicken, cooked spice rice, marinated onions and peppers, and roasted plantains.
Stay tuned, tomorrow we will begin our first project at Liberty!