December 16, 2014: Day 4 by Sara

Posted by Lauren Rochholz on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 4:56 PM PST

Buenos Dias,

This week we have had a series of interactions with Nicaraguan wildlife. It started off with an encounter of the painful kind when Jane unintentionally petted a scorpion. Thankfully it was a small one and didn’t send her into the land of pink elephants, which we were told that a sting can often do. The next day brought an unexpected visit to the house by a coral snake, no one was bit, but there was pain involved. Let’s just say it won’t be back to visit. The two foot lizard that tried to take a shower was shown better hospitality, and seemed to enjoy the ride out the door on the push broom, especially since I held back Larson, the cat, who wanted to eat it.

Wednesday took us on an excursion to see the Nicaragua outside the boundaries of NPH. A visit to San Juan Del Sur supplied our first real coffee for the week (until now there has been only instant), and we used that energy to surf and play in the water at Playa Hermosa. Que Tuany! (Nicaraguan slang for “It’s cool”).

Posted by Sara