December 16, 2014: Day 3 by Olivia

Posted by Lauren Rochholz on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 10:13 AM PST

Dío 3 at NPH Nicaragua!

This morning we got back to work on the wall. Large cement bricks were laid down in the trench. Some of us shoveled large piles of dirt and gravel to be used as filler for the cement.  

The work was grueling but very satisfying. We are starting to see height and the trenches filled.  

This evening we had dinner an hour early because the niñas had to prepare for tonight's Posada. There was a procession from each girl's house to the Ranchon. They danced and sang to several songs with homemade Christmas decorations all over their bodies. It was a sight to see!


After the dances they brought out piñatas for each age group to attack with a bat. Once a kid was able to break the piñata the rest dove to the ground to pick up candy. It verged on chaos. Wayne got to hit a piñata and it broke completely, the kids were very impressed.

There were lollipops and hard candies of different fruit flavors, chocolates and bags of juice. We are hyped up on sugar - hopefully we can fall asleep! Big day tomorrow.

Hasta pronto!

- Olivia (con Pelo Rubio)