December 14, 2014: Day 1 by Wayne Holscher

Posted by Lauren Rochholz on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 9:53 AM PST

 Wow we are on second day at NPH Home for Children in Nicaragua. In that time we’ve enjoyed playing with the children.  We also assessed our project.

Started work this morning before Sunday mass managing to accomplish a hours. We moved concrete blocks and removed barbed wire fence.  Everyone got together for service and then we all ate lunch together.  After service some of the group made necklaces and bracelets with 12 year old girls. The rest of us, gluttons for punishment myself included, played soccer with the kids.


They’re GOOD. There is so much laughter and joy in the air.

Their school year works on the calendar year, meaning this is their summer. The students are done thinking for the year, wink wink.

During this experience of coming back to NPH I have been able to make new friends with our PWOB group.  We may only be together for 10 days but I will remember this forever. I was able to see/talk to my god daughters. They both go to Managua University and are doing great.  I have been able to see the rest of my family here grow. They all appear to be happy and doing great.

I would encourage anyone that has the opportunity to visit NPH Nicaragua to do it. They have shown me a new meaning of family.

Wayne Holscher