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Seattle University's Project Center

Established in 1987 as one of the first in the nation, the Seattle University Project Center is a collaboration between the College of Science and Engineering and the Albers School of Business and Economics. The Project Center links small teams of students with companies and nonprofit organizations to work on projects in areas of International Business, New Venture Business, Sustainable Business, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, Civil and Environmental engineering. Applying theory to real life and producing real outcomes underscore the work of our student teams. Student teams, with the guidance of faculty, often work more than 1,000 hours toward completing an engineering project throughout an entire school year. Each MBA student provides approximately 100 hours toward completing projects in a quarter long project format.







For information on Albers School of Business and Economics projects please contact Greg Scully scullyg@seattleu.edu or projectcenter@seattleu.edu, 206-427-8575 

Ernie Lou

For information on College of Science and Engineering projects please contact Ernie Lou - loue@seattleu.edu or projectcenter@seattleu.edu 206.296.2822



Dr. Jean Jacoby PhD, Associate Dean and Project Center Director, projectcenter@seattleu.edu



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Working as a faculty advisor on student projects helps me to expose my students to an entirely new range of skills that they will need when they become practitioners in their chosen fields. Project management, teamwork, communication, translating academic knowledge to reality are skills that set our students apart. The partnerships we’ve built with sponsoring organizations provide valuable professional connections for students and faculty alike.

- Teodora Rutar Shuman, Chair, Mechanical Engineering