Sample Project Briefs

Sample Project Briefs

The following are actual project briefs taken from the original documents, but with the company information removed. For confidentiality reasons, the company names are disguised as "Company."

International Business Consulting Project Briefs

1. Company has built a successful and fast growing business in both the United States and United Kingdom. Now, based out of our London office, Company seeks to further penetrate the European markets more deeply. This project will include researching the online advertising and search market in the Scandinavia – Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. This research should include market size, growth rates, competitive overviews and current client penetration in each country and result in an analysis that will inform the Europe general manager's development of a go-to-market strategy.

The project will require gaining an understanding of the online advertising and search technology landscape as well as the overall digital marketing trends within the key countries. Company seeks to understand which countries are likely to provide the fastest revenue return on investments in sales, marketing and client support.

2. This 2-part project will consist of market analysis and strategic recommendations for the ABC market in six specified, global regions. Company will use these findings to help prioritize its strategic business focus over the next 3 – 5 years.

First, the MBA students will perform a market analysis for each of these major regions, including unit and revenue opportunity, penetration, share projections, growth and market trends, as well as significant market drivers. From these results, the team will identify Company's top two market opportunities worldwide and provide the strategic rationale for these recommendations.

Second, the MBA students will perform a more detailed market analysis for each of the top two opportunities identified. This secondary analysis will include the identification of specialized submarkets/segments within these geographies (in addition to the list of essential market measures previously listed). The team will also provide a copy of its market share/size model to Company for future use/updates.

New Ventures Consulting Project Briefs

1. Company needs the research team to pinpoint every funding avenue available and develop a package/presentation that can be used for potential investors, lenders and government applications. Target the best means for establishing capital and report on the steps necessary for receiving aid. You will be supplied with as many company resources as needed and provided direction on how to best pitch the venture. Other analysis elements may be required from the team. From this project, we hope to gain valuable knowledge that we otherwise would not have had time to explore while keeping the corporation operating on our very tight budget. Company also hopes that this will enlighten your team on the feasibility of creating start-up capital for new ventures in the future.

2. The intent of this project is to provide a documented schedule for competitive pricing and positioning from key competitors in our top 5-6 geographic markets across a wide range of products and licensing models. We have developed a template that identifies most of the data we feel we need to capture – most of this effort should be to populate that matrix and write a summary paper on the industry.

In addition to publicly available information, students will have access to specialized contacts, Company's historical sales data and existing research reports from a consultant. Deliverables include: market size information, major trends by market, identification of the top two market opportunities with recommendations & rational, sub-segmentation and a market model.

Sustainability Consulting Project Briefs

1. MBA students will evaluate the feasibility of solar photovoltaic technology to offset thousands of kilowatt-energy hours each year at the Company facility. The analysis shall include technical feasibility and return on investment in light of market trends (utility incentives, rules and regulations). The analysis should also include a business perspective discussion about how this solar technology would increase long-term shareholder and social value, while decreasing industry's use of materials and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

2. Company has one of the nation's most forward thinking and comprehensive transportation programs. As part of the Company's planned expansion, the department has risen to the challenge of supporting a 20-year master plan. Company's comprehensive transportation programs focuses on reducing auto trips, limiting investment in parking facilities and taking a leadership role in combating climate change. The MBA students will calculate the fully loaded cost of several commuting programs, including calculating the marginal cost of adding each new commuter in each mode and their relative environmental footprints.

Sample Project Briefs

The Project Center at Seattle University is a win-win program. The Boeing Company gains the experience of working with the next generation of engineers with innovative approaches to projects, and the students gain invaluable experience of real-world engineering in a fast-paced atmosphere.

- Carolyn Brandsema, '88 MBA Vice President, Airplane & Production Replacement Systems, The Boeing Company