Recent MBA Consulting Projects

2011 Sample of Projects

A financial services company was looking for growth and risk mitigation alternatives. The company wanted to understand:  1st, the possible risks and benefits of expanding their service area, 2nd, which worldwide territories they should consider, and finally, what resources would be required to partner with foreign organizations for expansion.  The student consultants applied in-depth research and analysis and provided a written report with recommendations, as well as a formal presentation to the client.  


A Fortune 500 retail company needed market research in several foreign countries. This research was at the macro level.  The research sized up each country’s volume potential, current and future retail store locations, store formats and timing of each country’s possible expansion plans.  The student research  team looked into country specific customer preferences and profiles in order to develop product plans specific to those market needs in order to maximize sales and profits.  


An aerospace supplier required analysis of the China aerospace industry.  This analysis included current market modeling and future market projections.  The student team researched competitor companies, possible partners or sub-contractors, and the manufacturing supply chain.  The students provided a go to market strategy for the supplier to be a successful player in the Chinese market.  The student team provided a detailed written plan.  The plan included target companies and contact names, required resources, timelines and projected sales over a 20-year timeframe.  Finally, the students provided a projected return on investment for this expansion into the Chinese market.   


2010 Projects

Costco International Business Consulting Project: Six Sigma

The student team performed a full Six Sigma project on one entire department. They measured "breakage" and analyzed the reason for the breakage, and they developed recommendations to reduce breakage and improve output by streamlining the flow.

Boeing International Business Consulting Project: Managing Multi-Tier Supply Chains

This project investigated the external marketplace to help Boeing understand what other large companies are doing to manage multi-tier supply chains. The students provided research and reports on Multi-Tier Supplier Management Best Practices.  Their consulting included identifying "best practices" for sub-tier supplier management; proactively identifying  risks and opportunities in the supply chain; leveraging opportunities in the value stream with sub-tier suppliers; and identifying the tools to help provide visibility of risks and opportunities throughout the entire supply chain.  Additionally, the students researched and reported these issues from the sub-tier supplier perspective.

Seattle Children's Sustainability Consulting Project: Cost Analysis of Transportation Programs

Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH) has one of the nation’s most forward thinking and comprehensive transportation programs. As part of the hospital’s planned expansion, SCH has risen to the challenge of supporting the hospital’s 20-year master plan. SCH’s comprehensive transportation programs focuses on reducing auto trips, limiting investment in parking facilities and taking a leadership role in combating climate change.  The MBA students calculated the fully loaded cost of several commuting programs, including calculating the marginal cost of adding each new commuter in each mode and their relative environmental footprints.

P&M Products Business Consulting Project: Researching Market Trends

P&M Products creates and distributes disposable BBQ products that are made of natural charcoal and recyclable products, such as the EZ Grill All-Natural Charcoal. The students investigated market trends such as grilling trends, charcoal trends vs. gas cooking; they also competed a comprehensive competitive analysis and provided suggested market segmentation.

Historic Flight Foundation New Ventures Consulting Project: Foundation Business Plan

The Historic Flight Foundation was established in 2005 with the intention to collect, restore and share significant aircraft from the period between Charles Lindbergh's historic flight and the first test flight of the Boeing 707 (1927-57). Beginning in 2006, the primary focus became planning for a permanent facility to share the collection, maintain the aircraft for flight and restore aircraft that might be added to the collection. Construction of the Restoration Center has been completed and the client's focus was on creating a business plan to ensure the long-term viability of the museum. The students were able to achieve their objectives by taking a four-pronged approach. First, research was conducted on possible sources of revenue, both from operations and from donations and grants. Second, a market analysis was undertaken including a survey and demographic research. Third, insights were provided into a possible organizational structure. Finally, a draft-level P&L was constructed by combining the proposed sources of revenue with potential costs.

Recent MBA Consulting Projects

Working as a faculty advisor on student projects helps me to expose my students to an entirely new range of skills that they will need when they become practitioners in their chosen fields. Project management, teamwork, communication, translating academic knowledge to reality are skills that set our students apart. The partnerships we’ve built with sponsoring organizations provide valuable professional connections for students and faculty alike.

- Teodora Rutar Shuman, Chair, Mechanical Engineering