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Microsoft Imagine Cup Voting App Created by SU Students

Imagine Cup is a student technology competition hosted by Microsoft. The competition is open to high school and college students, and draws top international talent. Seattle University Project Center students Peter Daughtry, Alvaro Martin, and Jesse Sharp with faculty oversight from Professor Adair Dingle and sponsor leadership from Microsoft's Kent Foster and Hilary Pike created an app for hand held devices for voting in the People's Choice aspect of the competition. The competition is on now, and the Worldwide Finals will be held in July 2011. So check out the app, download it for free to your device and get involved with Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011!

Check out the app: Imagine Cup Voting App

Learn more about Imagine Cup: Microsoft Imagine Cup

The Project Center

We had 3 highly skilled and motivated MBA students on our project. The approached their consulting without a bias that we’ve seen with other consultants. We were amazed at what these students accomplished in just a couple of months!

- Mike Luiten, President, Northwest Grating Products, Inc.