The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has now completed its work by delivering to President Sundborg two key documents.

The first of these is a draft high level plan that includes a context section making the case for institutional change, a vision for the future, and five goals intended to fulfill this vision. The second is a set of potential strategic and foundational actions identifying more concretely ways that both the vision and goals can be accomplished. These documents can be found on the Phase 4 page.

In our four rounds of engagement, we received almost 1000 faculty and staff responses to our three surveys, over 1300 total attendees at our open forums, listening sessions or focus groups, and over 200 email and webform messages. The steering committee deeply appreciates the engagement of so many members of the university community.

Check out the final strategic plan

Phase 0

Design and Preparation 

June - October 2018

Phase 1

Context and Input 

November 2018 - April 2019

Phase 2

Strategic Positioning Document Feedback

May - August 2019

Phase 3

Draft Plan Development and Feedback

August - October 2019

Phase 4

High-Level Plan Approval* and Action Plan Development

November 2019 - December 2019


2020 - 2025

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*The Steering Committee submits its final draft plan to the President. The President makes any changes he deems needed then submits to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Strategic Planning: Why, Who, How and When

Seattle University is undertaking a strategic planning process.

This is important and timely work. Surveys of faculty and staff indicate a strong desire for clearer institutional identity and direction, and for transparency and clarity regarding the investment of limited resources, which our strategic plan will help accomplish. They also reflect interest in shared governance and an inclusive culture, which must be advanced through broad and deep engagement throughout the planning process. Finally, they show awareness of both the significant opportunities and the real challenges presented by our changing environment, and consequently the need to respond and adapt in ways that support our mission and Jesuit educational purposes. Our new provost wants to use strategic planning to help revitalize and set new directions for the academic enterprise. Discussions with other stakeholders, including students, administration and the Board of Trustees confirm that these desires are shared throughout the organization.

This process is led by a steering committee developed through a process involving key stakeholders, including the president, the provost, Academic Assembly, the Steering Committee for the Staff Council, Student Government and the Board of Trustees. Committee membership and the process for selecting members can be found here.

This committee has been given the charge to develop a five-year strategic plan that advances the mission of the university and responds to the desires and interests outlined above. The committee is asked to undertake this work with a long-term perspective, a sense of university citizenship and a spirit of inquiry.

This work will be done with the intent of delivering to the Board of Trustees, in time for the May 2019 board retreat, a complete draft plan and with incorporating feedback from the board into a final committee draft to be completed and delivered to the President by the end of the academic year. Any remaining work – possibly developing implementation plans and completing the financial model – will be done over the summer so that the plan can be submitted to the board for final approval in September 2019.

The steering committee welcomes any questions or feedback and can be reached at

Click to view an outline of the proposed responsibility and authority of stakeholder groups, including individual positions and governance bodies, within this planning process.

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