2021 Faculty and Staff Appreciation Event

Staff Retirees

Donna Deming, School of Law

Donna Deming retired from Seattle University this January after 29 years of student service in the School of Law as Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Donna relocated with her young family to the Northwest from Philadelphia to join the then University of Puget Sound School of Law in downtown Tacoma, which became the SU law school in 1994. As associate dean, Donna has led our student support services in the law school with a “student first” philosophy, creating a welcoming, supportive, diverse and inclusive environment. She has personally met with thousands of law students as they navigated their educational and personal challenges in their professional formation to become practicing lawyers. Starting with Admission to crossing the stage at Graduation, Donna has been here for our students. As a colleague, Donna has been a model of respect and humility, clear and inspiring, an optimistic spirit and a calming presence in our community. She is a servant leader for the law school staff and faculty. As Donna retires and is recognized with honored retiree status, we thank her for her many years of service and realize how her life is now full circle, she is now able to return her focus to family and her new granddaughter. We wish you all the best in retirement.

Kieu Bang Ha, Facilities Building Services and Grounds

Kieu has dedicated almost 30 years with the university. Kieu worked with the resident halls custodial staff. Kieu is very sharing about how she first got her job and knew very little about what she had gotten herself into. Kieu, however, knew what hard work and learning was and fast became a leader, mentor and trainer for so many of the staff. Kieu is just fun to be around and have as part of the work center. Kieu has more history ingrained within her then she can recall. She enters a room and just creates an atmosphere. It will take her a moment to open up with you, but once she does just hold on and try to keep up. Kieu is great at making everyone feel valued and appreciated. We miss all our retirees, and wish Kieu the very best.

Cal Ilher, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Cal Ilher will be retiring from Seattle University Facilities in July 2021 after 42 years of service. Cal’s initial role was working in the Facilities crew moving furniture and supporting the trades work. Always up for a challenge, Cal quickly earned the licenses to become a plumber, steamfitter, sprinkler fitter, refrigeration technician, and boiler engineer, working his way to becoming the first lead of the mechanical shop. After overseeing the successful installation of dozens of boilers and a few chiller plants (among many other things), Cal moved on to become the Facilities Engineer, Assistant Director, Associate Director, and ultimately the Director of Physical Plant Operations & Maintenance. As a co-founder of Seattle University Professionals Without Borders, Cal is grateful for the opportunity to have empowered SU staff and students to serve and lead sustainable service projects in Zambia, Belize, Nicaragua, and locally that fulfill the Jesuit mandate to go into the world in the service of others. It is for his tireless work and dedication to the mission, vision, and values of this university that Cal has won the Excellence in Leadership award and been inducted into the Jesuit Honor Society Alpha Sigma Nu. He is truly what Ignatius would describe as a “Man for Others.” His 42 years of dedication and hard work have transformed the campus into a beautiful and functional environment for learning and growth. Upon his retirement, Cal will be awarded honored retiree status.

Yang Kim, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Yang Kim retired in May 2021 from Seattle University's Facilities Maintenance and Operations department where, for 19 years, he worked in the Mechanical shop as a HVAC technician. His knowledge in the mechanical operation includes Boiler Plants, Chillers Plants and building air handlers. Yang is the main point person in keeping the fountains, ponds, and cooling towers safe for our community by maintaining the testing and chemicals needed. Moreover, Yang lives and believes in Seattle University’s mission; this is constantly demonstrated by the way Yang makes the campus community feel as we all enjoy the fountains and air conditioning he maintained over the years. Yang provided exemplary customer service and demonstrated the highest caliber work ethic in terms of reliability, pleasant manner, professionalism, and team collaboration.

Ilona Legesse, Albers School of Business and Economics

Ilona Legesse retired from the Albers School of Business and Economics as Manager of Budget and Operations after 33 years of service to the University. Ilona began her career as an Administrative Assistant in the College of Nursing and over the next three decades held important positions in Arts & Sciences, University Sports, Human Resources, and finally, Albers. Ilona started in Albers as the Administrative Coordinator for the Dean but took over budget management when the Associate Dean was on sabbatical. Recognizing her exemplary work, Ilona was promoted to Budget Manager, a crucial role in the operations of the School. Ilona’s professional journey was made even more remarkable given her serious lifelong battle with cancer. She truly embodies the mission of Seattle University in her dedication to helping others, resolve in the face of adversity, involvement in her community, and commitment to her colleagues. Upon retirement, Ilona was awarded Honored Retiree status in recognition for all she has meant to the staff and faculty of Albers and Seattle University.

Margaret Moore, Arrupe House, Office of the Registrar

In October 2020, Margaret Moore retired from 14 years of service with the Jesuits at the Arrupe Jesuit Resident and an additional 2 years in the Registrar’s office. Margaret’s place at the Arrupe Front Desk had her in conversation and service with many visitors, staff, and faculty every day. Margaret took part in many of the beneficial groups on campus from book groups and yoga to spiritual formation; forming strong bonds with friends all over campus. More than once Margaret commented that she had taken the job at Arrupe as a temporary move, but found herself caught up in her relationships with the Jesuits and the campus community that it became for her much more than a job. In 2019, Margaret Moore won the Seattle University Outstanding Staff/Lee Thurber Award, in appreciation for her great service. Her absence from Arrupe is deeply felt by so many in the Arrupe and SU community.

Cham Nguyen, Office of the Registrar

Cham Nguyen retires from Seattle University June 2021, just shy of 27 years of service to the institution. She is an Academic Specialist in the Office of the Registrar and she is the heart of the office. Cham has weathered many changes in her years at SU with grace and resilience. Her unwavering dedication and care towards her work and SU students has been an inspiration to her colleagues, those of us fortunate to work directly alongside her, as well as many others across campus. When dealing with a challenging situation, she often states that “we do our best for the student” – which is a reminder to do as she does, always keeping the student at the center of what we do. Cham guided around 20,000 students through graduation during her time at SU and it is now time for her to “graduate” into retirement. We are overjoyed that Cham is awarded honored retiree upon her retirement.

"As I look back at the last twenty seven years, I am humbled and honored to be a part of the Seattle University family. Over the past two and a half decades, I have dedicated myself to helping each and every student to the best of my ability. To my friend and work family, I would like to say thank you for the numerous opportunities you have given me to grow and develop both professionally and personally." — Cham Nguyen

Kim Pham

Kim had been an employee since 1996. That is 24 plus years, and for 24 of those years Kim has done nothing but embody hard work and passion for her students. Nothing will get in her way to service the staff and students of SU. Kim always focused on the basics of getting down and working hard. We miss all our retirees, and wish Kim the very best.

Tammy Shadair, Sundborg Center for Community Engagement

In June 2020, Tammy Shadair retired after serving Seattle University in three distinct roles over the course of four decades. Tammy initially worked at Seattle University in the 1980s as Resident Director of Campion Hall. In this role she supervised Resident Assistants and provided support and guidance to the 700 Campion residents. After working at Western Washington University and North Seattle College for over a decade, in 2006, Tammy returned to Seattle University to serve as Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the Executive Vice President. In this role she oversaw complex budget processes and often organized university-wide events with hundreds of participants. In 2011, Tammy began working at the Sundborg Center for Community Engagement facilitating the buildout of the operations and systems that led to the growth of the Seattle University Youth Initiative. As the Center’s Director of Communication and Administration she also facilitated staff meetings, established protocols for managing several dozen cost centers, and contributed significantly to the Center’s work towards anti-racism. Upon her retirement, Tammy was awarded honored retiree status.

Beverley Silver, College of Education

Beverley Silver is retiring from Seattle University in June 2021 after 19 years of service. Beverley joined the College of Education in 2002 with a background in Arts Education, having served for 15 years as Education Director at Bellevue Art Museum and as a K-12 teacher. She has frequently taught Visual Arts Education as a part-time instructor in the College. In her capacity as Educator Career Services Coordinator, she has been instrumental in career placement for thousands of students, whom she has served with wise counsel, assistance with resumes, and through arranging career fairs and job interviews. Beverley is a treasured colleague, known for her graciousness and her willingness to go the extra mile for students. Upon retirement, she is being awarded the status of Honored Retiree.

Laurie Wells, School of Law

Laurie Wells retired on January 11, 2021 after over 22 years of service at Seattle University School of Law. She began working for the School of Law in 1998 as a Legal Administrative Assistant, first in Tacoma and transitioning to Sullivan Hall when the School of Law moved to Seattle University. In her time on the staff as a Legal Administrative Assistant, she provided outstanding service to our faculty and students over the years in her role, while also being an incredible colleague to staff and faculty. Always willing to provide assistance and to take on any additional project that would come along, Laurie naturally became a leader within the faculty support team at the School of Law. She would help onboard new employees and helped bridge the gap with workload during staff changes. Laurie consistently worked well with others and demonstrated a connection with the mission of the university by treating everyone she encountered with respect and grace. She always and consistently provided exceptional service to everyone she encountered at the School of Law: faculty, students, staff colleagues and guests.


Bruce Decker

Bruce Decker retired from the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office in August 2020 after just over 7 years of service. As the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Bruce supported the College’s undergraduate and graduate programs with web content management support, video and photography, and other marketing and communications needs. Bruce managed the annual Imagining the World International Photo Competition, including promotion, judging recruitment and logistics, and event production for the opening of each exhibition. He also provided logistical support for numerous College events. In his role, he also supported the faculty and staff who made the A&S Annex in Rianna their professional homes. He ensured that students who came to Rianna to meet with faculty advisers felt welcome and recognized. His innate sense of customer service meant that his colleagues could trust in his unfailingly cheerful response to any question. In 2019, Bruce received the Arts and Sciences Outstanding Collegiality Award.

Jean Glassman

Jean Glassman retired from Seattle University in October of 2020 after 6 years of service and 32 years in the print industry. Jean was initially hired in 2015 as the Production Assistant and was quickly promoted to Production Supervisor. As Production Supervisor and over the past 6 years, Jean processed over 6,000 course packs, which directly contributed to Academic Excellence of both the University’s graduate and undergraduate student. Additionally, Jean processed over 20,000 jobs in Reprographics which equates to over 8.6 million items and actions produced and performed respectively in the department. Jean enjoyed teaching. She provided training to the SUpercopy staff and students, walking through the ins and outs of Adobe, file modification and the definition of print ready files. Her abundant experience and advanced knowledge in printing along with her pleasing personality has been the foundation of Reprographics and she has done a tremendous job day in and day out. Jean has received countless kudos, donuts, cupcakes, cards, and numerous goodies from various departments who were pressed for time in needing to get a print job done on short noticed. Notable mentions can be found on Reprographics webpage under “Testimonials”. Jean’s leadership and work ethic along with 32 years of experience in the printing industry has been key to the success of Reprographics. Her creative spirit and sense of humor has fueled our department over the past 6 years, and she will truly be missed.

Jin Young Ko

Jin had worked with the resident hall custodial staff for more than 7 years. Jin had just come to the United States from Korea, and started as a temporary employee. It was just by luck that something opened up with the custodial staff and Jin was a good fit. Jin was often found emptying trash, or mopping up the floor and singing to himself. Jin took a lot of pride in achieving highest standards and getting great results. Often times he displayed rigid self-discipline in order to meet his own expectations. Jin was always so willing to help and please. We miss all our retirees, and wish Jin the very best.

Colleen Pike

Colleen Pike joined Seattle University in December 2014 as the Director of Facilities Planning and Real Estate. She is responsible for developing the University’s facilities master plan, directing the initial feasibility phases of capital projects, overseeing the performance of the lease portfolio, assuring compliance with the Major Institutional Master Plan, and making recommendations on development opportunities. In this role, she served on various University committees to build consensus. She created a roadmap for capital investments, the University’s Ten-Year Facility Master Plan, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2016. This planning supported the successful implementation of $280 million of completed projects. She managed the update of the Student Housing Master Plan and acted as the University’s liaison with Capstone Development Partners to develop student housing in Vi Hilbert Hall, which opened in September 2018. She provided oversight for the 2021 Campus Master Plan Refresh, the framework to guide future development of buildings and open spaces and create a great and welcoming campus. She also directed the Event Center feasibility study. Colleen previously worked at the University of Washington for 25 years including serving as the Director of the Capital Budget and Space Planning Office and Assistant Director of Environmental Health and Safety.

Precious Yoyongco

Precious was with the University resident hall custodial staff for more than 12 years. Precious started with the Bessy Burton home and worked there for more than 16 years. Precious has the talent to make you laugh whenever she was around. If she is not trying to get you to dance with her, she is surely going to tell you a tall tale about the love of her life Poppa Nelson. Precious loved to serve the students and had an amazing way of opening up and talking to each one that she met. Precious made everyone want to be around her, guaranteed she will put a smile on your face. We miss all our retirees, and wish Precious the very best.