Premajor Probation Policy

To ensure your success in the Premajor Studies Program at Seattle University, you are required to complete the following as a student on academic probation:

  1. Meet with your advisor during the first week of the quarter to make any necessary changes to your schedule and create an action plan.
  2. Academic requirements include:
    • Enrolling in a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 credits.
    • Earning a “C” or better in all classes.
    • No Incompletes or Withdrawals allowed without permission of the Assistant Dean.
  3. Mid-quarter Progress Report WEB Version91a3: Complete the Mid-quarter Progress Report for EACH class and bring it to your mid-quarter meeting with your advisor. 
  4. Meet with your advisor during the fifth week after meeting with your instructors to discuss your academic progress.  Your mid-quarter progress report for each class is required at this meeting. Your registration hold will be removed after this meeting.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in your dismissal from Seattle University.

Steps to complete your Mid-quarter Progress Report

Instructions for mid-quarter progress report WEB VERSION0121.

  1. Introduce yourself to your instructors at the beginning of the quarter. Let them know that you will want to meet with them during mid-quarter to check in and complete your progress report. Schedule your mid-quarter meeting with them at this time, if possible.
  2. Contact instructors at least two weeks before the day you want to meet with them and explain the reasons for your meeting. (Hint: The reason should not be because you are required to). 
  3. Complete a Mid-quarter Progress Report for each class PRIOR to the meeting.
  4. Day of the meeting:
    • Bring your completed/graded assignments, syllabus and Mid-quarter Progress Report.
    • Explain your reason again for the meeting and what you hope to get out of it.  
    • Go over the Mid-quarter Progress Report and talk about your progress in class.
    • Ask your instructor whether they agree or disagree with you about your progress.  This is the time to ask about your assignments/grades, what you can do to improve and get clarification on things you are unclear on.
    • Talk about any additional concerns.
    • Thank the instructor for their time and make plans to check-in with them before finals week.
  5. Meet with your advisor and bring these reports to the meeting.


Office Hours

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BAC Front Desk Hours

With the exception of University Holidays or Closures, the BAC front desk is open 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Individual advisors may set up appointments outside of these hours in special circumstances. To schedule an appointment, login through Starfish or contact the BAC front desk.