Premajor Activities

As a first year Premajor studies student, you may be completely decided, undecided or somewhere in between in your intended major program. To help you in your discernment process, you will take part in Premajor Activities created by the Premajor Studies advising team. The activities have been created to show you the many programs you can choose, while helping to narrow the focus to see what programs fit your interests, academic and professional goals. The activities are compulsory for first year students and due at the time of each quarterly check-in appointment with your assigned Premajor academic advisor. Incomplete activities could delay or prevent registration for an upcoming quarter. 

Premajor Studies Quarterly Activities

Spring Quarter 2022:

Note to new students: You will not be able to register for classes until the quarterly activity and advising appointment are complete.

Winter Quarter 2022:

Fall Quarter 2021:

Premajor Studies Handbook

This handbook is a tool to walk Premajor students through a developmental series of exercises designed to guide their major discernment process. The activities are intentionally chosen to help narrow down interests based on self-knowledge and to guide your one-on-one appointment.

2019-2020 Premajor Handbook (PDF) - This handbook is not currently used for 2021-2022 academic year, but still has helpful information