This handbook is a tool to walk Premajor students through a developmental series of exercises designed to guide their major discernment process. The activities are intentionally chosen to help narrow down interests based on self-knowledge and to guide your one-on-one appointment.

Note to new students: You will have a registration hold on your account each quarter until the quarterly activity and advising meeting is complete.

Premajor Studies Handbook

**Updated Spring Quarter Premajor Handbook Assignment (Word Document)**

2019-2020 Premajor Handbook (PDF)

Fall Quarter:

  • Attend Registration 101 session
  • Schedule and attend quarterly advising appointment

Winter Quarter:

  • Complete "Comparing Majors" Activity
  • Review Seattle University Majors & Minors
  • Schedule and bring completed activities to quarterly advising appointment

Spring Quarter:

  • Complete Faculty Interview Activity. This activity no longer requires you to meet with a faculty member!
  • Schedule and bring completed activity to quarterly advising appointment


  • Schedule additional advising appointments and work with campus partners on academic and career discernment