Interdisciplinary Arts - Arts Leadership

Interdisciplinary Arts - Arts Leadership


Graduates of this major get jobs in:

  • Museums
  • Theaters
  • Music Venues


The Interdisciplinary Arts with Specialization in Arts Leadership
degree is designed for students who want to create, manage, or
administer creative actvites within a specific arts discipline.
Throughout the program, students will prepare for artistic lives
where they take control of their careers by understanding both the
creative and business sides of being an artist and demonstrating
knowledge of the relationship between creativity, performance,
artistic business opportunities, and social justice. Graduates of this
Interdisciplinary Arts program will be prepared to enter the
workforce or continue their studies in the MFA in Arts Leadership
(MFAL) program in the future.



Study Abroad Opportunities:

  • London
  • Italy
  • Ireland

For more information about internships or study abroad options for this major contact the department.


Employment Opportunities