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Poverty Education Center


Useful sites for statistics, tables, charts, graphs and maps of worldwide indicators associated with poverty:

Features truly affecting photographs and photo essays about poverty in the United States, including state-level statistics on poverty. Highly recommended for its images.

eAtlasof the Millennium Development Goals

Very useful data and visualizations of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals, though the site is somewhat hard to use.

UN Human Development Indicators

Excellent source of information and visualizations for human development statistics.

Worldwide Governance Indicators

Data and world maps connected to indicators such as government effectiveness, corruption, and rule of law.

Freedom in the World data

Freedom House's well-known ratings of countries by political and civil rights.

Failed States Index

Foreign Policy magazine's analysis of states' stability.

Index of Globalization

Though the site has a slight learning curve, it is a treasure trove of information on various aspects of globalization.


A quite comprehensive compendium of international statistics, on everything from agriculture to terrorism. Easily navigable and with easy graphs.


Tons of data, which can be quite complex to manipulate, but the visualizations of all kinds of statistical information are very powerful. There are also videos and various resources for teachers.  

 Social Progress Imperative 

A pretty easy site to use, and data can be plotted into maps from categories such as "basic human needs," "foundations of wellbeing," and "opportunity."

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