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     Katy Lapinski at an Assembly

    Katy Lapinski dancing during an assembly

    An excerpt from Katy Lapinski's blog about her international internship experience in Zambia.


    While most college teachers only see their students in class and during the school day, I am in the interesting position of living amongst my students. At times, it can be difficult because the boundaries between teach and student become blurred. But for the most part, it works out well because I have the opportunity to get to know them better. We often chat when they walk by my house, and sometimes they'll invited me to experience something that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do. An excellent example is the fact that one of my students invited me to watch Charles Lwanga's Cultural Dance Club practice. When I went, I was amazed by their traditional Tonga dancing, and I video-taped them. After a while, they invited me to join. When I did, I had to learn by doing; I watched what they were doing and tried to imitate it. To my surprise, they thought I was pretty good! They invited me to dance with them for the next assembly, which was in front of the entire college. I did, slightly concerned about what I was getting myself into, but everyone loved it! It was an amazing experience.


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