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    From Lindsay Mannion's blog!

    In an effort to be a more consistent blogger, but without the time or energy to write a finely crafted blog post, I present my Monday musings, which are just a jumbled assortment of things that are interesting to me, over which I tried to put a crafty title (alliteration!) to distract you from how disjointed it is. 

    This weekend I went to la Concepción with my friend David, where I ate delicious gallo pinto for both dinner and breakfast; met up with Juliana and some other friends at la Laguna de Apoyo on Sunday; got a bad sunburn (even though I swear I put on sunscreen!); and took no pictures. I’m a bad tourist. I know.

    I have started confusing English and Spanish—talking in Spanish to people who speak English and talking in English to people who speak Spanish. (Is this a step in the language acquisition process? I sure hope so!

    One night about two weeks ago, a bunch of bats showed up at the house. Now they come every night to eat the mangoes. They are very messy eaters and constantly drop their mangoes on the metal roof, resulting in a very loud bang.

    School here has continued to be very group-work-centered. When we have readings, we don’t just do the reading. We have to prepare a group presentation on the reading. (And presentations here mean putting lots of text (copied right out of the reading) in a powerpoint presentation and reading right from the slide. Where are my Socratic seminars!?

    Every morning I have delicious Nicaraguan coffee with breakfast. It’s okay, you can be jealous.

    Practically everyone here has facebook, but they pronounce it “fay-boo” or sometimes they just say “fay.” It took me weeks to understand that “mándame por fay” meant “send it to me on facebook”. It didn’t help that I didn’t know you could send documents through facebook. How fancy of you, fay-boo!

    And perhaps the most exciting news of all: I have a new favorite Nicaraguan food, güirilas! They are tortillas made from sweet corn, and they are oh so delicious! I would like to clarify, however, that I am not replacing gallo pinto, simply adding güirilas to my list of favorites. In fact, do you know what would be the absolute best? Eating gallo pinto in a güirila! I’m hungry just writing about it! Second lunch?  



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