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  • My internship takes place in a town called Limon Dos, and today is my second day here. I am adjusting well, but then again I am just getting to know the area and orienting myself in my new home. Today, we went on a scavenger hunt to find all the important locations in Limon Uno and Limon Dos. Amie, the director of Casa Verde, sent us on a mission to create a map of both towns and acquire photos along the way. It was quite an eventful day.

    Thankfully, I had a partner to help me accomplish and carry out this task. My partner for the day was Sam. He is originally from Eugene, Oregon but he now lives and attends school in Corvallis, Oregon. Interestingly enough, all of the Casa Verde participants —excluding me— live somewhere in Oregon.

    After playing many games and embarking on the scavenger hunt, we discussed and addressed our individual community projects Sam will be bee-keeping in the local apiary in Limon Uno. Noah will be making jewelry and metal crafts in a local jewelry shop in Limon Dos. Nichole will be the project manager who facilitates each of our personal projects. Lastly, I will be working in the library to examine the impact of library attendance on academic success within a rural population of elementary students.

    I am excited to see how these projects unfold. More than that, I am excited to assess the dynamic of the group. Will we get along well? Will we be able to collaborate easily? Will we get our projects done with ease and style? I am ready to get these questions answered. Only time will tell…

    Regardless of the group dynamic, I am excited to embark upon this adventure in Nicaragua. I already feel my Spanish improving by the day. I am sure I will be fully immersed by the end of the summer.