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Poverty Education Center



The Poverty Education Center exists to raise awareness of a major human problem in societies around the world: poverty, and its associated issues of deprivation, marginalization, and inequality. It promotes teaching and pedagogies to raise awareness in universities, schools, and among the general public. It connects classrooms, communities, organizations, and research for better understanding of and better teaching about poverty.

What We Do

The Poverty Education Center organizes workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures and other events connected to the theme of poverty education. It sponsors classes, research, publications, and educational outreach to general audiences. For more, see the Center's Programs.

Who We Are

The Center is part of Matteo Ricci College, an interdisciplinary Humanities college at Seattle University. Matteo Ricci College has for three decades pioneered the teaching of poverty at Seattle University, including courses such as Poverty in America and Global Poverty. Ben Curtis, PhD, is the Director of the Poverty Education Center.