Faculty Guide to Course-Pack Production

On-Campus Services

A. Copyright Clearance: Seattle University’s Copyright Policy can be found on the Reprographic Services Copyright Compliance webpage. Faculty are expected to comply with the policy, and the Reprographic Department is available to assist in that compliance. Reprographic will clear copyrighted materials for your course-pack. We request that you supply us with original source materials. If these are not available, ISBN or ISSN numbers, publication date, volume numbers, issue number (if a periodical), and page numbers are elements needed to clear copyrights. The time frame required to obtain permission depends on who holds the rights to the materials. For submission deadlines, see Reprographic Services.

B. Production: The Reprographic Department will produce your course pack to your specifications once any necessary permissions are obtained.

C. Sales: SUperCopy, the cash side of the Reprographic Department, serves as the retail sales outlet for copyright-cleared course-packs produced in Reprographic.


Copyright permissions vary widely in cost depending on who holds the rights. Many individual rights-holders will grant permission to use their work without charge. Others will charge a nominal fee of $0.10 per page/per copy. Still others charge market rates that can materially increase the price of the course-pack to students. Harvard Case Studies range in price from $4.00 to $6.00 per case study/per copy. Major metropolitan newspapers, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, charge $1.00 per page/per copy.

Publishing companies vary in how they charge for permissions. Some charge per page/per copy and some charge a flat fee. Depending on materials selected for use in a course-pack, permissions can significantly increase the cost of a course-pack. You may want to research the cost of permissions before making a final decision about content of your course-pack.

Copyright Clearance Center

Copyright Clearance Center provides copyright licensing and compliance solutions. As an intermediary between copyright holders and content users, the company facilitates the exchange of reuse rights and royalties through a wide range of licensing services. Copyright Clearance Center manages the rights to millions of works and represents more than 9,600 publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors and other creators. Copyright Clearance Center adds a $3.00 transaction fee to each permission. For more information and to confirm current transaction fees, visit copyright.com.

Faculty Desk Copies

When you choose the Reprographic Department to produce your course-pack, the cost of one faculty desk copy is included in the production costs. Our course pack partners (XanEdu and University Readers) provide one faculty desk copy. Please confirm with each vendor prior to ordering.

Lemieux Library Resources

The Lemieux Library holds licensing agreements to a variety of databases. These licenses permit faculty, with certain restrictions, to direct students to on-line resources for use in connection with their classes. For a complete listing of databases, licensing agreements and use criteria, please contact Jan Hartley, extension x6206 in the Lemieux Library. For more information on course-pack production, please contact Arsenio Roddy-Little. For more information on Seattle University’s Copyright Policy, please see Reprographic Services Copyright Compliance.

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