Undocumented Student Support

Admissions for Undocumented Students 

Seattle University Undergraduate Admissions Office provides information and resources for undocumented students to be admitted to attend Seattle University. Check out their page for more information. 

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs works to promote an inclusive learning environment for all students. Check out their page to learn more about what they can do support undocumented students emotionally and through local and state wide scholarships

Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion collects data and important recent information regarding the status of current undocumented students. Check out their page for the latest updates and information regarding students undocumented status and additional support. 

Financial Support for Undocumented Students 

Financial Aid and Scholarships are available for all students regardless of documentation status. Visit the Financial Aid page for more information on Private Loans and Scholarships for Undocumented Students


Immigrants Rising


Check out Immigrants Rising: Transforming Lives Through Education. This organization rallies in creating opportunities, resources, and support for undocumented students. 

My Undocumented life

My Undocumented Life is a resource and advocacy page that provides up-to-date information and resources for undocumented students, families, and allies. Check out their page to learn more about scholarships, DACA, and Virtual Support Groups

Life After College

Published by the Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC), this PDF walks undocumented students through what to expect after undergrad through higher education, the workforce, and mental health services. Read more here