Graduate Student Support

Graduate Admissions 

Seattle University offers a wide variety of Graduate Programs that are designed to work around the students schedule to help achieve their goals. Visit the SU Graduate Admissions to find a program that best fits you.

Admission tuition and Fees can be found on the SU Tuition and Fees for Graduate Programs. NOTE: Tuition and Fees may be subject to change depending on program and year. 

Scholarships, Grants & Fellowships

Scholarships for Graduate Students 

Seattle University has a limited number of scholarship support to graduate students. Most scholarships can be found outside of SU, however there is a few scholarships available at SU for graduate students that you can find on the SU Scholarships for Graduates page. 

Grants for Graduate Students 

Seattle University has a limited number of grants available for graduate students to receive. To check if you are eligible, visit the SU Grants for Graduates page. 


Every year, Seattle University students earn competitive Fellowships that fund graduate school, research, service opportunities and travel abroad. Visit the SU Office of Fellowships for more information. 

Graduate Student Financial Support

Financial Aid

Questions regarding Financial Aid and how to apply, visit the SU Financial Aid Department for more information.

Federal Direct PLUS Loans for Graduate Students 

Graduate students who have filed a FASFA for the academic year may be eligible to receive a Federal Direct PLUS loan, visit the SU Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate Students to learn more on how to apply.

Graduate Student Employment 

Visit the Graduate Student Employment page to see if you are eligible for Work-Study and to find Graduate Assistant positions. 


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Graduate Student Council

Organization Profiles | Graduate Student Council

The GSC represents the graduate and professional students of SU. They work to advance services and policies to create a supportive community that better meets the needs and experiences of graduate and professional students. Visit their page on SU here!

Graduate Student Resources

The office of Student Success and Outreach provides a large list of resources and information for graduate students and adult learners. They offer a wide variety of support from education to graduate student life. Visit their SU page here!

Grad Student Resource Hub

Created by the office of Student Success and Outreach, this external page provides a complied list of important resources in and outside of SU to help graduate students navigate their time at SU. Visit the page here!