Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers

Although they are not the same as scholarships, fee waivers can be helpful if you are looking to take exams necessary to apply to graduate school. Because fee waivers can take some time to process, we recommend applying well in advance of your anticipated test date.

Exam NameEligibility Criteria

Law School Admission Test


-Inability to pay for the LSAT and Credential Assembly Service

-Be a US, Canadian, or Australian citizen, a US national, a US permanent resident, or have applied/been granted DACA status.

Medical College Admissions Test


-Must be a US citizen, US National, lawful permanent resident of the US, or have been granted refugee/asylum or DACA status

-Household income must fall at or below 300% the national poverty level

-Canadian students can find information on fee waivers here

Graduate Record Examinations


-Must be receiving financial aid

-a dependent who has filed the FAFSA and has a Student Aid Report showing a parental contribution of $2,500 or less for their senior year or

-an independent student with a Student Aid Report showing a contribution of $3,000 or less for their senior year