Belonging On Campus

Moving to a new place can be tough and it can sometimes be hard to feel at home when you're somewhere new. Here at SU, we want you to feel welcome and that you belong. Here are some resources to help you get started on the process of making campus feel like a second home. 


You can access ConnectSU from the MySU page and learn about student clubs, service learning, campus events, and more.

Center for Student Involvement

Located on the third floor of the Student Center, the Center for Student Involvement can help you explore leadership and involvement opportunities throughout campus. 

Study Abroad Opportunities

Studying abroad can offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore, learn, and grow in another country. Reach out to the Education Abroad office to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Research with Faculty

Working with a faculty member on research is a great way to explore a topic you are passionate about while forming a deeper connection with a professor. Contact the academic department for more information.

Student Research Opportunities

Explore topics you are passionate about! Work collaboratively with peers on a research project and hone your skills. Check out the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal for more information.

Getting a Job on Campus

Working on campus is a great way to make some money while also getting to know some new friends. 

Opportunity Find More Information
Join a club Center for Student Involvement
Participate in Service Learning Center for Community Engagement
Study Abroad Education Abroad
Find an on or off campus job  Handshake @ SU