Academic Success

Sometimes there can be a tough reading that you just don't understand or a problem set that you just can't crack. As Redhawks, we know that you're capable of overcoming these academic stumbling blocks and we're here to help. Here are some tips to help you continue your academic success:

Get Connected Early (even if you don't think you're going to need it)

Sign up for tutoring as soon as possible. If you're doing well but want to get to the next level, Learning Assistance Programs (LAP) in the library can help you get there. If you're having a hard time with a class, LAP can also help you get back on track. Tutoring is for everyone, regardless of GPA and can provide you with strategies and tools to conquer even the toughest classes. Aside from tutoring, LAP offers a variety of academic success tools such as individual learning consultations and facilitated study groups.

Helping Each Other

Other students on campus and in the classroom have a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into. Form study groups with classmates to learn from each other. 

Practice Growth Mindset

Developed by Dr. Carol Dweck, Growth Mindset is the theory that success is the product of persistence and hard work rather than talent. When you come across an obstacle like a test or paper that didn't get the score you wanted, think about how that obstacle can be an opportunity to learn and grow.

Study More Effectively

Sometimes it can feel like no matter how much you study, things don't seem to quite stick. To help you use your study time more effectively, Dr. Stephen Chew has put together a five part video series that will teach you different techniques to learn class material. 

Get Creative (YouTube, SPL, etc.)

If you've tried everything else and are stuck, it's time to get creative! Check out YouTube for videos on everything from philosophy to calculus. Utilize websites such as Khan Academy or Purplemath. Use resources outside of campus like the Seattle Public Library when that book you need is already checked out. 

Campus Resources

Below you will find a few of the resources available on campus to help you continue your academic success. If you're not sure where to reach out to, contact Student Persistence for further guidance.

ResourceHow They Can Help
Learning Assistance Programs Visit Learning Assistance Programs for tutoring, facilitated study groups, individual consultation appointments, and learning strategy workshops.
Writing Center The Writing Center can help students complete an individual assignment in a one-on-one hour long session. They can help at any stage of the writing process and on any assignment.
Math Lab The Math Lab is a drop-in service provided by the Mathematics Department for all students in lower division mathematics courses (including UCOR 1200 classes).
Disability Services Disability Services supports students with disabilities as they participate fully in all aspects of university life. The DS office facilitates equal access to courses, programs, and activities through campus leadership on disability access and inclusion issues. 
Office of Multicultural Affairs OMA works to promote an inclusive learning environment for all students to enhance their understanding of identity and power, to build intercultural awareness and skills, and to support the success of students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.
Student Success and Outreach Student Success & Outreach is committed to providing resources and support and collaborating with campus partners to create a high quality, accessible student experience. They offer programming and resource spaces for different student populations.
Dean of Students The Dean of Students Office connects students with support services and offers opportunities for leadership, student employment, educational programs, and specialized resources.
International Student Center The ISC plans small and large-scale events such as the International Dinner and International Education Week and provides assistance to  international students in matters pertaining to immigration, visa status, document certification, employment authorization and more.
Counseling and Psychological Services The professional team of licensed clinicians at CAPS provide time-limited individual and group psychotherapy for students and referral services for those requiring specialized or on-going care. These services are provided free of charge to students currently enrolled.
Campus Ministry Regardless of one’s faith background, Campus Ministry provides an open and hospitable community to gather in friendship, conversation, discernment and understanding of what one’s purpose is in life.
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