Web Time Entry

Non-Exempt Staff, Trades Staff, Temporaries and Students

All non-exempt staff, trades staff, temporaries, and student employees are required to submit time through the Web Time Entry process in order to be paid.  (Exception: some temporary staff without a Seattle University email address may submit the Temporary Employee Time Report form available on the Payroll Forms page.)

Web Time Entry (WTE) Instructions

Calculating Overtime

See the instructions above for information on how to calculate overtime.

Exempt Staff

Exempt Staff are only required to document days when accrued or unpaid leave time is used, such as vacation, sick, jury duty, community service and bereavement leave.  The Leave Report for Exempt Staff is used to report such leave events.  Librarians should use the Leave Report for Librarians.

Due Date for Leave Reporting

Leave Reports are due on the first day of the following month in which leave(s) occurred, or immediately upon employee's return from leave.

Exception: June's leave report is due in mid-June in order to ensure the accuracy of vacation liability at fiscal year end.  See the 2020 Payroll Calendar - Exempt and Faculty for the current fiscal year's Leave Report deadline.

Calculating Overtime

Exempt Employees are excluded from overtime pay, as defined in the .