Contracts and Letters of Appointment

Once new employee is hired, the following forms (documents) are used to generate payments to employees:

Payroll Change Notice (PCN)

PCN is used for staff (salaried exempt/non-exempt), hourly (union/non-union) employees, and temporaries, for the following purposes:

  • New Hire
  • Change Employment or Job Information
  • Change Account Distribution
  • Place on Leave or Return from Leave
  • Rehire
  • Transfer
  • Termination

Faculty Employment Contract

In April, regular faculty will receive their renewed Faculty Employment Contracts issued by Office of the Provost. The form includes the following information:

  • Faculty member
  • Academic year
  • Compensation
  • Choice of how the payments should be distributed

Office of the Provost with the approval of budget director will indicate on the bottom of the form how the salary is allocated.

Summer School Letter of Appointment

Faculty and/or adjuncts are issued Summer School Letter of Appointments for teaching in summer.

Letter of Appointment

Faculty and/or adjuncts are issued Letter of Appointments for teaching duties. LOA is issued on a quarterly basis or for an academic year.

Letter of Appointment For Jesuits

Jesuits are issued Letter of Appointments. Their salaries are processed through journal entries done in the Payroll Office. All of the above forms must have at least the following elements for the Payroll Office to process paychecks correctly:

  • Name of Payee
  • Compensation
  • Paydays,and
  • Budget Allocation.