Family Members

If you are a family member who joined us for an orientaiton we would love your feedback! Click HERE to take our orientaiton program assesment! 

We are excited that your student has chosen to become a Redhawk! This can be just as much of a transition for parents as it is for students.

During the Summer Orientation parents/family have an opportunity to participate in their own sessions that are tuned into information and resources that are particularly helpful for parents/family during this transition.

The cost for the parent portion of the orientation is $70 per person and helps to offset the food and materials for the 2 day program. (Please not this does not include housing for the two day program)  

Students stay in the residence halls on the night of Orientation and is included in their orientation experience. However, housing for family members is not included. We do have limited housing availabe on campus made possible through our Conference and Events department. You can find that link and a list of area hotels found HERE to help you with your travel plans. 

After your Redhawk gets settled-in in September you may have some more questions or need additional resources. Our Parent and Family Engagement Department will be happy to help and can be found here.