Family and Supporters

A student with their supporters during move in. We are excited that your student has chosen to become a Redhawk! This can be just as much of a transition for you as it is for your student.

While your student will participate in New Student Orientation you will have an opportunity to review our On Demand Content that is tuned into information and resources that are particularly helpful for families + supporters during this transition.

After your Redhawk gets settled in, you may have some more questions or need additional resources. Our Parent and Family Engagement Department will be happy to help and can be found HERE.

2022 Orientation Videos

Helping Your Hawk Soar

Wellness, Adjustment, and Transition with CAPS

VA Education Benefits - Nuts and Bolts

How will my Bill and Financial Aid Work

UCOR 101

How to Healthcare as an Adult

How to Healthcare as an Adult PowerPoint Presentation

TimelyCare Introduction

Understanding Student Employment & How to Get an On-Campus Job

On Demand Content

The transition to college is often a big step for both new students and their families and supporters. Change is a process, and everyone needs support. Check out the resources below for more information and to help with this transition.



Academic Overview for First Year Parents and Supporters

2021 Academic and Wellness Resources Panel

College Transition Essentials for Students with Disabilities

Additional Resources from Disability Services

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records and establishes rights for students relative to the disclosure of these records. Learn more here.

Giving a Supporter Access to Student Financial Information

Ask a Financial Aid Counselor

Coaching for Resilience

  •  Click here to learn more about Student Academic Persistence.


How Students Get involved

Involvement outside the classroom is vital to the Seattle U student experience and adds a dynamic element to the university’s core values of Academic Excellence, Diversity, Service, Leadership, Justice, and Faith. The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) supports over 100 student-led clubs and orgs and students can check out these opportunities and get involved through the CSI’s online platform ConnectSU. SU’s Sundborg Center for Community Engagement serves as the main entry point for students who want to engage in the local community. This includes service-learning opportunities, university-assisted community schools, direct service, community-based advocacy, and more.

Connect SU

Sundborg Center for Community Engagement


Transition Support 

Helping Your Hawk Soar

Health Care Resources

For questions about health care on campus, health insurance, immunization requirements, and more, please visit the Student Health Center web page. You may also contact the Center at and 206-296-6300.  

Healthcare in Seattle

We will share our 2022 video here after it is recorded. 

 Supporting Students’ Mental Health

First Generation College Student Life at SU


  • At Seattle University, we define first-generation students whose parents or guardians have not received a U.S. bachelor’s degree. Some first-generation college students may have siblings who have completed a bachelor’s degree. Click here to learn more about resources to support first-generation college students. 

Commuter Student Life at SU

  • Whether you drive from across the lake, take the LightRail from the south or trek in while getting some exercise, commuter students are an integral part of our campus. Click here to learn more about resources to support commuter students. 

Transfer Student Life at SU

  • Seattle U offers spaces and programs dedicated to transfer students such as the Reidy Collegium and the Tau Sigma Honor Society. Click here to learn more about resources to support transfer students.