Family and Supporters

A student with their supporters during move in. We are excited that your student has chosen to become a Redhawk! This can be just as much of a transition for parents as it is for students.

During New Student Orientation families + supporters have an opportunity to participate in their own sessions that are tuned into information and resources that are particularly helpful for families + supporters during this transition.

Review past content for families + supporters below and check back for new content during summer. 

After your Redhawk gets settled-in, you may have some more questions or need additional resources. Our Parent and Family Engagement Department will be happy to help and can be found HERE.

Fun Fact: We use the term family + supporters here at Seattle U to be inclusive of everyone that is helping our Redhawks soar! 

On Demand Content

The transition to college is often a big step for both new students and their families and supporters. Change is a process, and everyone needs support. Check out the resources below for more information and to help with this transition.

  • New Student Orientation Modules
  • Check out our new transition modules for new students. Please note, this link takes you to a public copy of the content. Students should contact to get access to the student version for more interaction and communication tools. 

Academic and Wellness Resources Panel

Coaching for Resilience

 to learn more about Student Academic Persistence.


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records and establishes rights for students relative to the disclosure of these records. .


Supporting the Developmental Changes of Transition



Mental Health Resources

For questions about mental healthcare resources in the Seattle area, please call  (CAPS) at (206) 296-6090 for information, referrals or to schedule a brief phone consultation.


Collegiate Mental Health


Health Care Resources

For questions about health care on campus, health insurance, immunization requirements, and more, please visit the  web page. You may also contact the Center at and 206-296-6300. 

Healthcare in Seattle

First Generation College Student Life at SU

Commuter Student Life at SU