Photo of Taylor Briggs

Taylor Briggs

M. A. Candidate in Student Development Administration

Transition Coordinator

Ask me About: Cooking, working out, HGTV, finding LGBTQ+ community in Seattle, pursuing a graduate degree, moving from out of state, studying abroad in Europe.


Photo of Anni Christensen

Anni Christensen

Orientation Coordinator

Year in School: Second 

Majors: Psychology and Interdisciplinary Art with a Visual Emphasis 

Ask me about: art, vine, Spongebob, cats, coffee, KXSU, hands, Jumpstart, astrology, numerology, or the Office! 

Photo of Ally Gibbons

Ally Gibbons

Orientation Coordinator

Year in School: Second year

Major: Criminal Justice Major with Minors in Spanish and Social Welfare 

Ask me about: my dogs, Law and Order: SVU, coffee, Ed Sheeran, knitting hats, Halsey, making pizzas, Criminal Minds, and the school to prison pipeline. 

Photo of Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Alyssa Kirkpatrick

Orientation Coordinator

Year in School: Third year (Junior)

Majors: Marketing and Management double major

Ask me about: Disney, singing & playing music, Harry Potter, my cats, Vine, tea, and my mom!

Photo of Leah Quinn

Leah Quinn

Director of Orientation Programs

Building/Room: STCN320