Custodial Services

Welcome back to campus!

Recently HES Facilities Management has partnered with the team at WFF Facilities Services who provide custodial services in our academic sector. Same friendly and hard-working staff with a different company name and logo—HES.

What’s changed? Custodial working hours in academic spaces

HES Custodial work hours have changed to 4:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Beyond those hours, porter services and night staff (floor crews) will be providing 24/7 coverage to campus. This is to improve operational excellence by utilizing staff during the day to clean and cover daytime porter services. Additionally, this allows for more staff to work normalized hours rather than overnight “graveyard” shifts.

Custodial staff will be performing early morning cleaning to those spaces needing to be cleaned prior to 8: A.M. (classrooms, event spaces, etc.). You will experience custodians, “cleaning and vacuuming in spaces while they are occupied” during the day. Being this shift hour change occurred while most of campus was working remotely, we would appreciate your patience while the custodial staff figure out how best to clean your space without any major interruptions. Staff are trained to observe the work flow of areas, stop vacuuming if someone might be on the phone and may ask if it’s a good time to vacuum and clean your office. We expect over time you will get to know your custodian, who in turn will get to know you and your work habits. Please keep in mind that English may be a second language of some assigned staff.  If for any reason something gets lost in translation, or a schedule adjustment needs to be made please contact the HES Office at 206-296-6194 (x6194) for assistance. 

In most cases, custodians will be able to perform small additional cleaning requests when asked, but they do need to stay on schedule. Some requests may need additional resources or the work performed during the evening requiring specialized cleaning equipment, this will require a work order.    

Click here for: Seattle University Cleaning Protocols

Click here for: Academic & Residential Building Cleaning Schedules

Campus Custodial Services

HES Custodial Services is committed to maintaining, cleaning, and protecting the interior of our academic campus buildings. We focus on providing a clean, safe, attractive, functional and comfortable environment for our faculty, staff, students and visitors. Services include sanitizing, floor care, stocking paper products, collecting, and disposing of trash and recycle.  

Service Requests

To report a custodial problem in our academic and administrative buildings, please enter a work order online.  For urgent clean-ups during regular business hours, please contact the HES office directly at 206-296-6194. Outside of regular business hours, please contact Public Safety at 206-296-5990 to report custodial concerns that involve safety, security, or property.

Residence Hall Custodial

The Residence Hall Custodial staff believes in providing a supportive campus climate by providing the necessary services to meet the cleaning needs of the students, faculty, summer conference attendees, and the Jesuit community.

Service Requests

Students and staff in the housing can place a work order online. Emergencies should be reported to the Facilities Resource Center by calling 206-296-6996 during regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Outside of regular business hours, please contact Public Safety at 206-296-5990 to report custodial concerns that involve safety, security, or property in our residential buildings.